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HOT FLASH HEAT WAVE – Mood Ring Ep // Empire

“After a string of singles and months of anticipation, Hot Flash Heat Wave has finally released their long-awaited EP, Mood Ring. There’s no doubt that these guys have a knack for self-reinvention, and this EP is no exception. From their garage rock debut album, Neapolitan, to their dream-pop sophomore album, Soaked, this newly released EP […]

WALLOWS – Nothing Happens // Atlantic

Like many coming of age stories, Wallows’ debut LP Nothing Happens takes aim at the fears and anxiety of entering adulthood, coming to terms with the fact that no really has ‘it’ figured out no matter what age you are. After 10 years of growing up together and playing music, this nostalgic sentiment is as […]

OLGA SOLAR – Antibully

Solar’s first EP is a new style for her and is pushing her deeper into the music industry. Her writing is bold and connects to everyone, calling out to the introverts. It’s easy to relate to her and her angelic, sometimes gruffer, voice makes her unique. Check it out! Label: self-released Start with: 1,5, all […]

RONNIE ROGERS – Denim Jacket Weather // It Takes Time

Ronnie Rogers, the project of Aaron O’Neill, marks O’Neill’s return to solo songwriting after years as a multi-instrumentalist in St. Louis bands (Shady Bug, Isabel Rex, A Leaf in the Street, I Could Sleep in the Clouds, Early Worm, Yonsei). On Denim Jacket Weather, O’Neill creates emotive and grungy indie rock with big guitars and a post-country edge. […]

BETTER OBLIVION COMMUNITY CENTER – Better Oblivion Community Center // Dead Oceans

Artists Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst released their debut album as a band on January 24th, 2019. The soft rock, self-titled album contains both relaxing and melancholy vocals. The lyrics are blunt and emotional— they convey misery with the occasional glimpse of hope. A good listen for when you want to sit and reflect on […]

RY X – Unfurl // Infectious Music

Unfurl is a lovely album that whispers to your soul and feels like a warm blanket wrapping you in a cold night. Very well produced, pleasant, meditative, an even vulnerable. Label: Infectious Music Start with: 2, 4, 5, 8, 9 RIYL: Bon Iver, Haux, Novo Amor, Harrison Storm, Billie Marten FCC: clean

Moon Tooth – Crux

Release date: March 29, 2019 Label: Static Records There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Moon Tooth’s sophomore release over recent weeks. It’s rare to find a band that you can say has a truly original sound but Moon Tooth approaches that mark. Although, there are elements of sound that sound familiar, Moon Tooth’s particular combination of musical ingredients is truly […]


really nice chord progressions and variety in sounds between songs. their songs on the album work together really nicely, but they didn’t sound too similar. good vocals and lyrics as well. Label : self released Start with: 5,8 RIYL: vetiver, karen dalton, josephine foster, jackson c frank FCC: clean  

Sludgehammer – Antechamber

Release date: April 12, 2019 Label: Self-Release Heavy and groovy, Sludgehammer could be described as equal parts Soilwork/Sepultura/Pantera. A young band, Sludgehammer, plays brings a unique brand of death metal that’s heavy on the grooves. Antechamber is the band’s debut EP and opens with a killer single, No Control. The track is full of aggressive drumming and equally ferocious riffs […]

FAHRENHEIST – Albatross // Run to Earth Records

Describing their sound as “alt grit and pop sensibilities combining the best of west coast indie rock”; Fahrenheist’s latest album mixes garage rock with some fun vocal work. There’s a lot of emphasis on drum and guitar, with an overall energetic and upbeat feel. Standard indie rock record with some fun tracks on it. Label: Run To Earth […]

GIRLPOOL – What Chaos Is Imaginary // Girlpool Music

Weaving in and out of concrete, direct, indie-rock songwriting and meditative, impressionistic dream pop, Girlpool’s third album features their most expansive and surreal songs to date. One of the members, Tucker, recently transitioned so the addition of a tenor voice adds a lot of texture to the record. Play! Label: Girlpool Music under Anti Start […]

CHAIN WALLET – No Ritual // Jansen Records

Chain Wallet’s new record brings a slightly pop-y take on classic reverb-guitar based light modern shoegaze. Nice stuff, easy breezy listening! Label: Jansen Records Start with: 1, 5, 8 RIYL: Beach Fossils, The Drums, Wild Nothing FCC: clean

HELADO NEGRO – This Is How You Smile // RVNG Int’l.

In This is How You Smile, Helado Negro brings a whole new perspective to music. These tracks tell a story and take you somewhere else. In general, his background is an inspiring story. Airy vocals and expansive instrumentals with a few interludes here and there. Throw it a listen. Label: RVNG International Start with: 1,5,6,7 […]

ROYAL CANOE – Waver // Paper Bag Records

Waver, Royal Canoe’s third album, is the band’s most eccentric project to date. The LP persistently bounces from rock to electronic to R&B to pop to hip hop, thrusting the listener through the track listing with its beat-and-lyric driven off kilter charisma. Organs and synths are expansive and haunting, and guitars are erratic and blunt. […]


Mike Silvestri follows up his first EP with a second, heart-felt collection of songs full of powerful vocals and nuanced guitar. His passionate voice combined with the acoustic background makes for a Hozier-in-the-countryside type sound. Worth checking out. Label: Self-released Start with: 1,3 RIYL: The Lumineers, Dave Mathews Band, Hozier, Passenger FCC: Clean


really powerful vocalist, a little R&B/jazzy at times, some clean piano melodies and vocal harmonies. give her a listen!! Label: Self-released Start with: 1, 2, 5, 9 RIYL: Amy Winehouse, Adele FCC: 3

SWERVEDRIVER – Future Ruins // Dangerbird

Solid alternative rock with shoegaze-y guitar sound. Not as heavy as their previous releases, but still heavier than most shoegaze acts. Dual guitar sound throughout, utilizing a wall of sound backdrop that supports the more active riffs in the forefront. Label: Dangerbird Start with: 1,4,5,6,8,9 RIYL: The Jesus and Mary Chain, A Place to Bury […]

CHARLENE SORAIA – Where’s My Tribe // Peacefrog Holdings Limited

Where’s My Tribe is an honest, heartfelt album by British singer-songwriter Charlene Soraia. Throughout the album we hear vulnerable, acoustic vocals. Using a single guitar, she captures her deepest emotions making sure the listener goes through the journey with her. Beautifully written songs and amazing vocals are sure to twist your heart in some way. […]

MARC PAYNE – Payne to Fame // AMG Records

Marc Payne definitely isn’t reinventing the genre or anything here. Payne to Fame is a pretty solid, if not somewhat banal, pop trap album. Payne’s lyrics feature a lot of the usual subjects: money, sex, partying, etc. But, his flows are competent, some of his hooks are catchy, he has a few funny punchlines here […]


The Twilight Sad released a new album after a few years, and it absolutely delivers. They are a scottish band with influences in post punk and shoegaze. The lead singer, James Graham, has a very unique accent, making the songs a more intriguing listen. This album is extremely heavy and sad, with emotional line repetition […]

MIKE KROL – Power Chords // Merge Records

Mike Krol begins his fourth studio album with the distinctly grungy Power Chords, and doesn’t let up from there. Full of bold guitar sounds and hard hitting drums, this album is a paragon for the modern grunge/garage rock sound. Easy lyrics, easy jamming. Label: Merge Records Start with: 1, 4, 7, 10 RIYL: SWMRS, Wallows, […]

NIGHT BEATS – Myth of a Man // Heavenly Recordings

A surfy, garagey album with some pop influences and somewhat of a 60s psych rock vibe. Label: Heavenly Recordings Start with: 6, 5, 2, 3, all RIYL: The Growlers, Low Cut Connie, King Tuff, Ty Segall, Tijuana Panthers, Guantanamo Baywatch FCC: Clean

SNEAKS – Highway Hypnosis // Merge Records

Exciting blend of hip-hop and post-punk minimalism from the DC based artist – one of the best 2019 releases so far! Label: Merge Records Start with: 3, 2, 7, 12, 11, 13 RIYL: Priests, FKA Twigs, Sleaford Mods, Earl Sweatshirt FCC: Clean  

DAWES – Passwords // HUB Records

The new studio album blends fast paced rock songs with slower ballads about heartbreak and being in love, adding a folky twist. It is their most romantic album to date and involves a lot of piano and mellowed down songs. Check it out! Label: HUB Records Start with: 1,2,5,8,10 RIYL: Langhorne Slim, the Avett Brothers, […]


Kenyan-Canadian MC Shad’s latest release is a concept album in the vein of To Pimp a Butterfly, complete with recurring poetic interludes and phrases. The album’s story focuses on a (semi)fictional world in a constant state of war, and the various factions within, but it isn’t necessary to understand the overarching story in order to […]