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Retrospective CD celebrating the 50-year recording career of a Brazilian legend.  However, this artist is still in her prime.  An album which revisits and reinterprets old samba and bossa nova classics, this is a delight from first song to last.  Wonderful melodies, superb production, and the warmth and supple musicality of Joyce’s voice make this […]


This is the latest release from an ongoing collaborative “world fusion” project.  Its website describes itself as “the #1 charting world music education site,” and you can find a store for CDs and books there, a schedule of concerts and workshops, electronic promo kit detailing over 25 different concert programs, bios on all the musicians, information […]

Les Métamorphoses

Mélisande [ÉLECTROTRAD] – Les Métamorphoses (La Pruche Libre)

A rare reinterpretation of traditional Quebecois music from a feminist perspective. Mostly traditional folk songs with all the essential elements (call & response, ballads, la turlutte), but updated with lyrical “adjustments,” awesome vocals, & tasteful electronic embellishments. A fresh take on a fine genre & a real treat! Get a taste here: More info […]

Dina El Wedidi

Dina El Wedidi – Turning Back (Valley)

Young Egyptian vocalist & daf (frame drum) player who became popular during the 2011 “Arab Spring” and in 2012 was selected by Brazilian legend Gilberto Gil to join a prestigious arts initiative (they sing together on #7). She joined the “Nile Project” in 2013, and in 2014 put out this CD with her ensemble. She […]

Mohamed Abozekry

Mohamed Abozekry & Heejaz Extended – Ring Road (Jazz Village)

This 23 year-old Egyptian oud master moved to France to attend the Université de Lyon II, where he met his band-mates & from which he graduated in 2014. These are his own compositions, meant to create a synergy between the ¼ tone scale & oriental rhythms of the Middle East with the musical structures of […]


Ntjam Rosie – The One (Gentle Daze)

Ntjam Rosie was born in Cameroon and currently lives in the Netherlands. This is her fourth album and her first time as a producer. The album is a blend of soul, jazz, folk, gospel and world music. RIYL: India Arie. Play 3, 4, 9, 11.

Rocky Dawuni – Branches of the Same Tree (Cumbancha)

Born in Ghana and raised in Los Angeles, Rocky Dawuni is a humanitarian activist and musician. The album’s title reflects Rocky’s belief that recognition of our shared humanity is the key to peaceful coexistence among all peoples of the world. His songs blend reggae, Afrobeat and pop and also explore New Orleans funk, Brazilian samba and Hawaiian ukulele. Track 9 is […]


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