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Ola Fresca – Elixer (Pipiki)

Eight-piece Brooklyn-based band dedicated to controlling the dance floor with no-nonsense, trombone driven salsa, timba, Cuban son & funk. Led by Cuban-American singer-songwriter Jose Conte.

Grecco Buratto

Grecco Buratto – Essas Coisas Todas (Zen Mohawk)

Solo debut from this Brazilian singer-songwriter-guitarist-actor-yoga teacher (now living in L.A.). Features some beautiful Brazilian ballads & soft-rock, much of it evocative as in a good movie soundtrack – and indeed he has soundtrack credits to his name!

Gustavo Leguizamon–El Cuchi Bien Temperado

Fantastic works for guitar by a composer from Salta, Argentina–traditional elements with  harmonic freedom. Play! Play! Play!

Gao Hong–Pipa Potluck–Lutes Around the World

This is a superb album, mixing traditional pipa sounds with bluegrass, Arabic and modern elements–banjo, slack key guitar, fiddle, oud, percussion and guitar in the mix. Most compositions by Gao. Play, Play Play!!


Tony Succar – The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson (Universal)

Review by Reed Whitmont. Funky, upbeat & fun Latin big-band covers of the king of pop. Cheesy & karaoke-esque at times, but overall quite solid. Play: 1,4,8,9,10,11 Official website here


Love Star – Espectro, Chapter One EP (Self-Released)

Review by Reed Whitmont. Driven bilingual alt/electro/pop. Clean backgrounds, decent production quality. Very much feels like a group who has yet to find their sound. Lots of sugar-coated angst. More info here

Titi Robin & Mehdi Nassouli

Titi Robin & Mehdi Nassouli – Taziri (World Village)

An exceptionally fine collaboration between a seasoned French guitarist/bouzouq player (Titi Robin) & a young Morrocan electronic guembri player (Mehdi Nassouli). The guembri is a three string skin-covered lute popular with the West African Gnawa people & used in dakka marrakchia, a trancey, ritual musical form popular in the Moroccan city of Marrakech. The music […]


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