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The Fifth World- 7th Generation Rise

Goodshield Aguilar,(Writer of the songs,Producer and Injuneer) shares this “Indigenous Soul” music with messages and guests that include John Trudell (Track 7), Mignon Geli (flute player) and Linda Faye Carson. (track 3)  Spoken Word and stories and current news clips pepper the songs  Seven,The Fifth World, Sierra War Cry.  Its FCC clean so play all!!


Palo! – Yo Quiero Guarachar (Rolling Pin)

Our favorite Afro-Cuban funk Band & 2015 Grammy Nominee from Miami! Led by the talented pianista & Cubaphile Steve Roitstein, featuring powerfully beautiful lead vocals by Leslie Cartaya, plus Ed Calle’s great sax, driving bass, & smokin’ percussion. Get ready to dance! Apt CD Title means ‘I Wanna Have A Blast.’ 


Aditya Prakash Ensemble – Mara (self-released)

Gorgeous Indian fusion from a brother & sister who are South Indian classical musicians, & many of their talented friends. The music is also the soundtrack to a dance performance portraying the story of the demon Mara, who tried to tempt Buddha off his path to enlightenment. Really fine compositions, as one might expect from […]

Space Echo

Anthology: Cabo Verde – Space Echo (Analog Africa)

From 1970’s-80’s Cabo Verde, an island 350 miles off the coast of Africa, cosmic examples of local styles such as Mornas, Coladeras, & Funanà played with electronic instruments said to have been found on a shipwreck there in 1968 and distributed to the only places with electricity –mostly schools! The students did well…some really great […]


Ana Alcaide – Leyenda (ARC)

A true musical artist; drawing from her interest in the nyckelharpa,  a Swedish instrument since the Middle Ages, her heritage as a native of Toledo Spain, her interest in medieval melodies from Spain, and here, her fascination with legendary women (e.g., Mother Earth, the Chinese Goddess Luolaien, selkies, witches). Often sounds Galician or Celtic. Quite […]


Bareto – Impredecible (World Village)

From Peru where the band is highly successful, crafted in Lima by top producers (e.g., for Sidestepper, Bomba Estereo), here is an entertaining collection of traditional Peruvian cumbia, folk, & indigenous rhythms mixed with fresh-sounding psychedelic & electronic embellishments. Features Susana Baca on track #9.

Monastic Theory

Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate – Monastic Theory (Cumbancha)

Second CD in this collaboration between western rocker-guitarist Driscoll & virtuosic kora master Kouyate from Guinea, plus drummer Jimbo Breen & bassist John Railton, & additional percussion by Tim Short.

Renato Braz

Renato Braz – Saudade (Earth Music)

Veteran producer & musician Paul Winter (Paul Winter Consort) considers talented vocalist/guitarist Renato Braz to be the newest of Brazil’s foremost musical Ambassadors. Together with other talented musicians, here they recreate 15 jewels of Brazilian music while also celebrating the captivating power of gentle, quietly beautiful arrangements. Soothing music for late nights & Sunday mornings.

Money Chicha

Money Chicha – Echo En Mexico (Vampisoul)

From Austin TX, a new project by members of Brownout & Grupo Fantasma featuring a sort of psychedelic, fuzzy, surf-guitar take on the Andes mountains cumbia infused “chicha” music of 1960’s-70’s Peru & Colombia. Fine arrangements & musicianship.

Bacao Rhythm + Steel Band

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – 55 (Big Crown)

Steel pan music from Germany! A funky project by members of the Mighty Mocambos, & led by Björn Wagner, who plays a steel pan custom-made for him Trinidad & Tobago. Also features great percussion & a nice horn section. Includes covers & original tunes.


Songs From The Black Cedar Hills- Louie Gonnie

Named after the place where singer, composer and ceremony leader, Louie Gonnie lives Black Cedar Hills,  this is the latest CD from Canyon Records.  Sung in traditional language Louie is joined by brother Dewey and cousin, Logan Yazzie to bring you these songs of ceremony and prayers sung in traditional Native American Church ceremonies.  With […]


Rhythm Of Love- Tiinesha Begaye

Although produced 10 years ago the traditional singing of Tiinesha Begaye will certainly make your heart smile.  From growing up with tradition and music her talents are steeped in family and community love and relationship to land, language and each other.  Today a mother of 4, Tiinesha continues to sing.  Her songs are accompanied with […]


Horses Are Our Journey- Jay Begaye

Beautiful traditional songs sung by father and daughter of the Dine Nation about horses.  Each song in the Dine language gives a story of the relationship between human and horse.  Track 4 you hear rattle and drum and Tiinesha (Jay’s daughter) singing harmony.  Tiinesha contributes songs to this album as well in tracks 8,9 and […]


Leni Stern – Dakar Suite (self-released)

“Jazz comes from Africa,” observes award-winning jazz guitarist Stern, who really digs African percussion & rhythms. She mixes her passions in these compositions, which she perfected with her band during live performances in Greenwich Village. Last step was a trip to Senegal to record the CD. It came out really nicely!


Benji Kaplan – Uai So (self-released)

Composer, lead vocalist, & jazz guitarist Kaplan, from NYC, indulges his passion for highly artistic Brazilian musical traditions, with skillfully creative theatrical-sounding offerings in the spirit of Hermeto Pascoal & the like. Gorgeous, fascinating arrangements.


Os Clavelitos – Arriving (Suonofrittata)

Nice Brazilian samba & related sub-genres (bossa nova, baiao) with fresh arrangements & nuanced musicianship with lyrics in English (by Chieko Honda) & performed by a six-piece NYC-based Ensemble.


Elza Soares – The Woman at the End of the World (Mais Um Discos)

Considered to be a Brazilian music legend, this septuagenarian from Sao Paulo delivers bold, often tense “post-rock” & “post-samba” in a collection of tunes that was voted “Best Album of 2015” by Rolling Stone Brazil. Maybe it grows on you?  

Nedudim–Fifth House Ensemble + Baladino and Dan Visconti

Lovely mix of folk, traditional Ladino,  raga, blues and contemporary classical elements! Play, play, play!

Thimios Atzakas–Music for Oud and Ensemble

Wonderful works for oud, solo and with ensemble, mostly original and Middle Eastern, one Satie cover. Play!


Kayhan Kalhor, Aynur, Cemîl Qoçgirî, and Salman Gambarov – Hawniyaz (Harmonia Mundi)

What beautiful music! Kalhor draws so much drama out of every note from his kamancheh (an Iranian string instrument played with a bow). The plaintive vocals of Aynur accent this drama with rich emotional tones. Notes from Gambarov’s piano fall into place quietly, brilliantly, & so meaningfully! The same can be said for the subtle […]

Melodic Intersect

Melodic Intersect – Looking Back (Aimrec)

Firmly rooted in Northern Indian classical music played by accomplished Indian musicians with traditional instruments (tabla, sitar, sarangi, plus violin), but infused with elements of western jazz & rock music played on keyboards, sax, & cajón. Initial tracks are somewhat more traditional, followed by others that venture further afield to good effect.


A lovely mix of Arab and classical/folk traditions ranging from strongly Arabic to remarkably minimalist, quiet to staccato. Play!

Richard Crandell–Mbira Magic

Re-release. Gorgeous pieces for altered Zimbabwean instrument. Suitable for world programming. Play!


Various Artists – Tanbou Toujou Lou (Ostinato)

Fascinating collection of Meringue, Kompa Kreyol (Creole beat), Vodou Jazz, & Electric Folklore from Haiti, 1960-1981. Vik Sohonie, fan of Afro-Atlantic sounds and founder of Ostinato Records, scoured Haitian radio stations and ran newspaper ads to find vinyl from this golden era in Haitian music. Here are his favorites. Explore! Read more about the project […]


Afro-Hatian Experimental Orchestra – A.H.E.O. (Glitterbeat)

An experiment in every sense! Afro-beat drummer Tony Allen was asked to come to Haiti and play with an assortment of leading Haitian musicians recruited by the Haitian National Bureau of Ethnology. Out of the chaos, Allen stepped up as music director, laying down beats to which were added super bass lines, voodoo rhythms, chants, […]