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Spirit Of The Swirling One-Louie Gonnie

Beautiful songs with rattle, voice, and drum.  Louie Gonnie is a singer taught by his father and uncles from the age of 5.  He is Dine (Navaho) and is well respected for his songs of the Native American Church sung in traditional form.


The Blue Stone Project- Aaron White, Gary Rasmussen, Ed Michaels

Rock and Roll Native style with Flute, guitar,bass,drum set and various hand drums.  Instrumentals tracks 3,6,7,9,11,13 and track 14 is spoken word with John Densmore.  Released in 2006 but still rockin


Songs Of Our Old People- Various Artists

Songs from various artists taught to them by the “old-timers” for social dances.  Done in circle for all ages.



From the Cree Nation and currently living in Quebec, Ca, Mariame is finding the release of this CD, Bloom propelling performances on stage, theatre,music venues and TV.  At tender age of 24 she sings of love and challenges of  her Aboriginal family and community.  Track 4 she shares with rapper Supaman, Native and powerful lyrics.  […]


Have A Nice Day-Thomas X

From Rez Rap Records, Thomas X with Have A Nice Day!  From the Ojibwa Nation, Red Lake, Thomas X releases his first EP.  lots of respect he shouts out to his community, family, friends and perhaps a son or nephew with a few shoutouts that make each track playable on radio for all age ears […]


Power In The Blood- Buffy Sainte-Marie

Buffy says of this CD 3 social criticisms, 4 love songs, 1 campfire song, 2 positive-uppers and 1blues rocker and a reboot of Its My Way.  Her message “Life is precious, diverse and worth protecting”.  electronic,rock, electric and all Buffy!


Jungle by Night – The Hunt (Kindred Spirits)

Initially inspired by the Budos Band, this group of nine young friends from Amsterdam delivers an eclectic blend of Afrobeat, Ethiojazz, rock, funk, and youthful energy, with three horns, three percussionists, & nice interplay between bass, keyboards, & guitar. Playing in the Showcase Lounge at Higher Ground, Wed, July 8th, 2015, 8:30 PM More info […]

Migguel Anggelo

Migguel Anggelo – La Casa Azul (self-released)

An actor/singer/songwriter who was born in Venezuela, lived in Germany where he studied opera, and is now living in NYC. The artist and 12 friends offer ten very original new songs & two covers with diverse Latin flavors. Like listening to a Latin musical, the songs are theatrical, poetic, lush, & grow on you. Try […]

Lila Downs

Lila Downs – Balas y Chocolate (Sony Latin)

So a Mixtec (indigenous Mesoamerican) girl from a small village in Mexico runs away at 15 to be a singer in Mexico City. A University of Minnesota professor sees her & falls in love with her. Later, Lila is born to them & raised in the US & Mexico. She grows up to become an […]


Dele Sosimi – You No Fit Touch Am (WahWah 45s)

Afrobeat returns with style thanks to Fela Kuti’s (Egypt 80) keyboardist turned bandleader & active performer, who has been treating London to the classic sounds of 1970s Lagos for years but hasn’t released a CD in nearly a decade. Here is his 12-piece band & seven original compositions in a style he roughly translates from […]


Foltin – Six Songs of a Nightingale at the grape stomp festival (self-released)

From one of the most popular bands in Macedonia, celebrating their 20th year as a creative, theatrical band, here is the latest chapter of their witty, rockin’ Eastern European tinged, cabaret-style tunes. A WRUV exclusive sent directly to WRUV-FM from the band in Macedonia! Check them out on YouTube!

Gecko Turner

Gecko Turner – That Place By the Thing With the Cool Name (LoveMonk)

Now living in the US, this Spanish singer-songwriter & inventor of his own “Afromeño” style joins with musicians from South America, Africa, & elsewhere in this fresh take on world funk. Hard to classify, but easy to enjoy. (Filed under international.) Listen on Bandcamp

Elektra Kurtis

Elektra Kurtis – Bridges from the East (Milo)

This violinist leads her NYC based ensemble in performing her own compositions; music inspired by her Polish upbringing, Greek heritage, classical training, & scholarship in violin performance/pedagogy. She’s also a violin professor & member of the NY Jazz Philharmonic. Gorgeous, evocative, highbrow soundscapes. Don’t miss this! (Filed under international.)


Ustad Dildar Hussain Khan – Sur Sangeet (Kanaga System Krush)

A master Pakistani tabla player & master of Qawwali music (devotional Sufi music), Ustad Dildar accompanied the renowned Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan for 30 years. Here he plays with three of his sons, including Abraar Hussain on lead vocals. More info & samples here

Rana Santacruz - Por Ahi

Rana Santacruz – Por Ahi (Chicavasco)

Mexican American folk music with an eight-piece band led by this Brooklyn based Mexican vocalist/accordionist. The Spanish vocals tell stories in the corrido tradition; fans of such ballads rave about this artist, giving him five stars.


Patricia Vonne – Viva Bandolera (Bandolera)

Gorgeous Spanish ballads in a Tex-Mex country folk-rock sort of style, from a locally famous Austin-based singer/songwriter/actress who contributed songs to “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” & other movie soundtracks. Super vocals, nice melodies. Official webpage

De Pelicula!

Los Crema Paraiso (Cutupra) De Pelicula!

This eclectic album melds traditional Venezuelan music with modern rock, funk, and pop — some tracks are covers of alt-rock masterpieces (see: #6: Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus; #9: Tears for Fears’ Everybody Wants to Rule The World), others are head-boppers in a more familiar Latin vein (see: #3). Also worth love is the closer (#12), […]


Novalima (Wonderwheel) Planetario

From the primero emissaries of Afro-Peruvian musical culture, a remarkable collection of road trip recordings with guests from around the world including members of LA-33 (Colombia), Ojos de Brujo (Spain), & Kumar (Cuba). Some will say this is the band’s most creative effort to date. Really nice!

Mbongwana Star

Mbongwana Star – From Kinshasa (World Circuit)

Two Congolese musicians formerly with the Kinshasa street band Staff Benda Bilili teamed up with a French producer with an interest in raucous ethnic punk. The result is a nice fusion of raw, metallic, urban Congolese percussion & European electro vibes. Enjoy!

Thomas Mapfumo

Thomas Mapfumo – Lion Songs (Lion Songs)

Subtitled “Essential Tracks in the Making of Zimbabwe” (formerly Rhodesia). A retrospective on the career this African musical legend, who provided much of the highlife & Afro-rock soundtrack to his country’s many struggles, from their unilateral declaration of independence from Britain in 1965, to national recognition in 1980, & then under the corrupt president Robert […]


Rob Teehan – Come Home (self-released)

This Toronto-born composer’s 1st solo effort features beautifully crafted cinematic compositions, with Eastern European themes, flourishes of flamenco, Balkan brass, & Gypsy violin, romantic classical Hungarian melodies, dozens of instruments, and really creative arrangements. Gorgeous!

Nneka - My Fairy Tales

Nneka – My Fairy Tales (Bushqueen)

Nigerian singer/songwriter residing in Europe (Germany, France) sings (in English) of Nigerian politics & life as an ex-pat in songs that feature Euro-pop, reggae, & African influences in equal measure. Well produced. FCC clean.

Flavia Coelho

Flavia Coelho – Mundo Meu (Mr Bongo)

This breakout Brazilian singer grew up in the Rio ghettos listening to her dad’s cassettes & singing along with pop divas with a bucket on her head for an echo chamber. Now living in Paris & collaborating with the best (see her guests!), her sound is a mix of Brazilian styles with reggae, Afrobeat, & […]


Ola Fresca – Elixer (Pipiki)

Eight-piece Brooklyn-based band dedicated to controlling the dance floor with no-nonsense, trombone driven salsa, timba, Cuban son & funk. Led by Cuban-American singer-songwriter Jose Conte.

Grecco Buratto

Grecco Buratto – Essas Coisas Todas (Zen Mohawk)

Solo debut from this Brazilian singer-songwriter-guitarist-actor-yoga teacher (now living in L.A.). Features some beautiful Brazilian ballads & soft-rock, much of it evocative as in a good movie soundtrack – and indeed he has soundtrack credits to his name!


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