Category Classical

Astor Piazzolla–ESCUALO5

“Nuevo Tango” or modern tango, with bandoneon & other instruments.

The Voxman Project

Varied music for sax, winds, strings–modern, contemporary or Broadway.

Heard Again for the First Time

Varied musical eras, modern to contemporary, saxophone + orchestra.

PAN Project

Combining elements of Korean, Chinese + Japanese music, all improvisations, some with voice.

Christian Wolff–3 String Quartets

String pieces with elements of Renaissance but off. Interesting!

Little Spectacle

For various voiced clarinets, abstract and varied contemporary pieces.

Global Saxophone

Nice mix of sax + piano, modern and contemporary.

Towards the Flame–Eccentric Piano Works

Not so eccentric. Modern piano works by Scriabin and Langgaard. Lyrical.

French Connections

Baroque, French harpsichord pieces of 2 Couperins and Forqueray.

The Spirit of Harmony

Excellent collection of modern harp + percussion works. Play!

Italian Contemporary Works for Harpsichord

Very interesting works for harpsichord, abstract. Play!

David Loeb–Painting, Landscape, Text and Sky

Gracious, contemporary solo guitar, many inspirations. Play!

journey for one

Franz Schubert’s song cycle “Winterreise”, performed here on solo piano. Play!

Mevan Younes–Ether

Younes, of Syrian heritage, performs works on the buzuq (strings), lovely traditional Eastern works. Play!

Within the Within

Fairly abstract works for varied percussion instruments, Burtner’s more accessible.

Plays Well with Others

Works for wind trio + baritone voice (Loadbang) with strings here. Some oddness.

Chamber Music by Jose Serebrier

Works from 1948 on, strings +/winds, lyrical, varied tempi.

Gregory W. Brown–fall & decline

Choral works performed by Variant 6.

Cage/Feldman: Works for Piano II

Mostly lyrical piano works + flute on some, by John Cage and arranged by Morton Feldman. Play!

Sonidos Cubanos 2

For varied instruments with/out voice, Cuban contemporary works.

Jacob Cooper–Sunrise

Murmuring voices, later some piano/violin/flute.

Ceci n’est pas une Flute

Very abstract works for various voiced flutes with electronics.

Il Nuovo Contrabasso Italiano

Very abstract pieces for double bass, Italian composers.

George Crumb–Metamorphoses Books I & II

Inspired by artists paintings, for amplified piano, abstract.

Barbara White–Farewell to Music

Gracious works for shakuhachi solo or with clarinet–mysterious. Play!