Category Classical

Axel Borup Jorgensen–Floating Islands

Mostly quiet, pieces with abrupt plucking, absrtact and elegant. Play! Advertisements

Alto Mystic

Solo viola works, fairly abstract, sometimes quite intense, by Spanish composers. Play!

Leo Brouwer–Hika and the Young Composer

These are modern, abstract, classical guitar pieces, rhythmic shifts. Play most!

Music Close to Us

Mix of Romantic modern and contemporary clarinet pieces by Polish composers. Some really nice works here. Play!

Jospeh Haydn–Piano Sonatas Nos. 20 & 48

Bridging the Baroque and Classical eras, these are lovely, rolling, trilling piano sonatas. Play!

Andrew Shapiro– Solo Piano Highlights

Lyrical, gentle (mostly), mininamalist and ambient piano pieces. Play!

Musica per Arpa

Gracious, elegant, solo harp pieces mostly from the 1940’s by Italian composers. Play!

Lei Liang–A Thousand Mountains

Asian inflected, very eerie, strings- forward with ethereal and jarring parts, inspired by nature and humanities impact on people, nature and spirituality. Play most!

Paul Elwood–Emissions Transparents

Very avant, wild, folkish works for banjo, percussion and/or piano, voice, electric guitar. Definitely different and inventive, careening from fun to cacaphony. Play/sample!

J. S. Bach–Six Suites for Viola Solo

Kim Kardashian performs the classic Bach Suites for Cello, transcribed for viola. Play!

Samuel Andreyev–Music with No Edges

Otherworldly, eerie, weird, highly varied works for acoustic instruments (no electronics!) with winds, percussion and strings. Play most!

Greek Wind Quintets

Lilting, gracious, modern to contemporary pieces, play most!

On the Path to H.C. Andersen–Contemporary Danish Works for Accordion

Interesting works for accordion, almost melancholic in a way. Nice!

Vaja Azarashvili–Days Go By

Lyrical, contemporary works for cello and piano, from a Georgian composer in the Soviet Union during the 70’s and onward. Play!


Female chorale group Lorelei Ensemble performs works from Renaissance to contemporary, ethereal.

Trumpeter Extraordinaire–Steve Thomas

Decidedly modern, abstract trumpet pieces with accompaniment, interesting and unexpected. Play!

Paul Lombardi–Pieces of Mind & Matter

Fairly intense string duets, abstract, interesting! Sample/play!

Steve Reich–Drumming

Originally composed for 12 musicians  in 1971, Kuniko Kato here plays all parts, including voice–bongos, marimba, glockenspiel and piccolo. Sample!

Alberto Giurioli–4 songs

Four songs from composer Alberto Giurioli from his upcoming 2019 album, piano with computer and instruments, minimalist.

Blackbird Redux–Flute and Marimba

Nice mix of ethnic and modern works, transcribed or commissioned for flute and marimba. Play!

William Schuman–The Witch of Endor

Dark, intense pieces commissioned by Martha Graham for her dance company, composed between late 1940’s and 1965. Play most!

Antonio Ruiz-Pipo–Works with Guitar

Really interesting, varied modern classical guitar pieces, with a variety of instrumental accompaniment (strings, flute, clarinet, English horn. Play!

D. J. Sparr–Electric Bands

Based with electric guitar, these are varied  pieces with voice, string, and  some electronics. “Earthcaster Suite” excellent!

The John Psathas Percussion Project Vol. 1

Excellent works for drums, marimba and/or vibraphone, and one piano quintet. Play!

Hard Core

Abstract works for strings, percussion, flute and/or piano by Boulez, Carter and Ishii. Play most!