Category Classical

Gradus–Music by David Claman

A mix of works, electronic, acoustic and/or voice–varied rhythmically.

Gramercy Trio World Premieres: Schuller, Underhill, Aucoin

Abstract, contemporary works for violin/piano/cello–lyrical but also tense. Play!

Four Hand Piano Works by Robert Schumann

Romantic era piano for 4 hands, gracious, lyrical. Play!

Chris Brown–Some Center

Poetry put to abstract music with 43 tone tuning…

John Luther Adams–lines made by walking

Two long string quartets inspired by walking the world–droning, ambient.

Humanity is an Ocean

Flute Soundscapes is an apt titel for these ambient pieces, from Baroque to impressionistic. Play!

Fountain of Time

Very interesting, lyrical and flowing works for chamber, small orchestra. Play!

Gyda Valtysdottir–Epicyle II

Singer, cellist, composer, collaborator, these are ambient works, some voice and electronics.

Pall Ragnar Palsson–Atonement

Ambient, yet intense works, interesting with voice.

Andreas Hepp–Zeitreise

Percussionist/composer Hepp performs these abstract works.

Harold Shapero–Orchestral Works

Composed from 1940 to 1960, varied pieces, modern, one jazz.

Carl Vollrath–The Unfolding Flute

Contemporary works for flute & piano, lilting & abstract. Play!

L’Unique–Harpsichord Music of Francois Couperin

Baroque era works by French composer, lilting, dancing.

Ravel, Kodaly, Bartok, Xenakis, Vasks

Mostly modern pieces for cello and violin by eastern European composers, with folk elements. Ravel’s particularly lovely.


Modern/contemporary works for viola & piano by Chilean composers, varying rhythmically. Play!

Francois Couture–Quand Les Feuilles Tombent sur Le Piano

Very lyrical, impressionistic and minimalist piano pieces.


Highly varying works for piano and/or electronics, lyrical to very abstract.


Saxophonist Lynn Klock performs these mostly lyrical and contemporary pieces– piano and/or horn accompaniment. Play!

Matthew Burtner–Six Ecoacoustic Quintets

Percussion/electronics/voice, pieces inspired by natural themes.

Thomas Meadowcroft–The Great Knot

Australian composer inspired by the distances there, and by “cheap” instruments not used in art music–drum machines, old tapes, etc. Long, somewhat droning works.

American Music for Flute & Piano

Neo classical, varying works lyrical to strong. Play!

Hilary Tann–and the snow did lie

Gracious, long works without break but rhythmically changing as the piece moves through the movements. Play!

Jordan Dykstra

The composer is seeking to create new sounds from exploring multiplying harmonic series which leads to more notes. What results seems to be vibrating, droning, all made by a variety of instruments. Sample.

Tomas Gueglio–Duermavela

Very abstract, avant works for various instruments, interesting!

Painted Music

Quattro Duo performs these contemporary works for flute/guitar–lovely, rhythmically varied. Play!