Category Classical

Fred Lerdahl–Vol. 6

Really interesting contemporary works for orchestra, some Baroque/Classical elements

Howard Skempton–Preludes and Fugues

Gracious, modern, very short pieces (58!) for solo piano.

Tales from Malaysia–Between Two Worlds

Lovely transcriptions or works for guitar by Malaysian composers or inspired by the music. Gentle, lyrical. Play!

Mark John McEncroe–Musical Images for Chamber Orchestra

Contemporary, mostly short orchestral works, lyrical but not cutesy. Play!

Duality: Works for Tenor Saxophone and Piano

Contemporary and modern works–nice!

Chinary Ung Volume 4–Space Between Heaven and Earth

Cambodian composer seeks to alleviate suffering with his music which he describes as “futuristic folk music”, combining Asian and western elemets. Sample

Heard in Havana

Performed in Havana by Third Sound, highly varying contemporary works flute/strings/piano. Play!


Flute-based Heare Ensemble plays highly varying works from classical to more avant-garde. Nice!


Violinist Patrick Yim performs all contemporary pieces, some lyrical, others more strident. Nice mix.

Ex Machina

The Donald Sinta Quartet performs some fun, contemporary saxophone quartets–Play!


Delicate, lyrical, minimalist solo piano pieces. Play!

Prairie Sounds

Performed on a Canadian organ in Saskatchewan, works covering many musical eras. Interesting!

Kirk O’ Riordan–Autumn Winds

Mostly vocal works with lyrical piano accompaniment. Play!

Breaking Waves–Music by Swedish Women Composers

These are overlooked composers of the Romantic era, gracious and lovely.

Albaster dePlume–To Cy & Lee: Instrumentals Vol. 1

Multi-genre pieces for wavering sax with a wide variety of instruments–varied rhythms. Play!

Sunleif Rasmussen–Andalag

Contemporary works. A fair amount of string tension, varying, with winds, or viola.

Nikolai Kapustin–Saxophone Chamber Music

Fun, modern, jazzy saxophone quartets. Play!

Bloch, Muczynski, Reger–20th Century Music for Cello

Modern, solo cello works from 1916 to 1966–Muczynski’s fun!

Moto Celeste

Trio Casals performs this contemporary collection of works, all lovely!

Sven Helbig–Clemens Christian Poetzsch plays Sven Helbig

Beautiful, mostly quiet, slow, minimalist solo piano. Play!

yMusic–Extatic Science

Contemporary, classical but with varied elements of other genres and rhythms. Play!

Music of Barbara Harbach–Orchestral Music V–Expressions

Modern, short, varying orchestral works, play most! Lyrical and interesting.

Derek Charke–Bathymetric Terrains

Flute + guitar on themes of topography, water, climate with electronics and voice, lyrical!


Three Reed Duo (sax + oboe, with piano on someĀ  tracks perform a mix of modern and contemporary pieces. Excellent!


Transcriptions of Brazilian modern works, for recorder quartet. Fun!