Category Classical

Harold Meltzer–Songs and Structures

A mix of songs with poems for tenor and piano, or instrumentals for strings. Nice melodies!

The Other Half of Music

All contemporary pieces by women composers throughout the world–flute forward. Play!

Paul Hindemith– Complete Works for Violin and Piano

Modern works– “wild” but Romantic for violin, piano or viola. Play!

Giovanni Piacentini–Between Worlds

Excellent pieces for guitar, electronics, some flute–with Latin elements. Play! (trks 17 & 18 might be damaged).

Igor Raykhelson–Piano and Chamber Music Vol. 2

Gracious, contemporary works for strings and piano, some jazz elements! Play!

Voices of Earth and Air–Works for Chorus

Lovely, smooth choral works–track 4 with temple blocks, percussion. Play!

Hypothetical Islands

Varying works for reed quintet, ambient, flowing to staccato. Play or sample!

Bohuslav Martinu–Cello Sonatas

Three modern cello sonatas written from 1939 to 1952, showing compositional changes. Sonata  No. 3 is particularly interesting rhythmically! Play!


Idit Shner has commissioned these recent works for saxophone and piano, lilting and flowing. Play!


Fuego Saxophone Quartet performs these lyrical to very abstract works, even eerie, by Maslanka, Albright and Mettens. Play!

Tamara Konstantin–Reverie

Mostly sweet, melodic works for piano and chamber ensemble inspired by the English countryside–2 based on Bach or Beethoven, another on her family’s experiences during WWII. Play!

Guided By Voices–New Music for Baroque Cello

Elinor Frey performs a variety of new works, all interesting, especially those of Ken Ueno. Play!

William Brittelle–Spiritual America

Mix of rock, chorus, electronics and song, about America.

Yes…It’s A Thing!–New Music for Flute and Guitar

Lovely, contemporary, world premiere recordings. Play!

To A Camia–Piano Music from Romantic Manila

Gracious works from late 1800’s  on through early 1900’s. Varying rhythmic styles. Play!

David Sanford–Black Noise

Really interesting pieces, not completely lyrical yet not discordant, tensions and jazz elements, too! Matt Haimovitz on cello.

Equivocal Duration

What Is Noise ensemble (strings, wind, piano, percussion) performs these very interesting pieces inspired by highly differing subjects: art, the Spanish descanso in funerals, Roanoke colonialists and the world today. Play!

The Other Side

For symphonic wind ensemble, big sounding works yet Turnbull’s pieces surprisingly delicate. Play most!

Morton Subotnick–Vol. 4 Complete Piano Works

Varying piano pieces–some solo and lyrical, others staccato and electronic or with tape. Interesting!

Ramon Lazkano–Piano Works

Works for solo piano, multiple hands, lots of variability, some with orchestra. Play!

Forgotten Russians

Works written in the early 1900’s and now rarely performed, modern and Romantic. Play!

Jeff Morris–With Strings

Strongly electronic cello pieces–violin works range from acoustic to electronic. Play!

Nirmali Fenn– The Clash of Icicles Chamber Music

Quite a variety of rhythms, tones and instruments in very abstract works ranging from lyrical to broken and intense. Play!

Robert Martin–Four Wind Quintets

Somewhat repetitious but lyrical wind quintets–slower movements especially nice!

Discover Enrique Granados

Delicate, flowing, lyrical, solo piano pieces. Play!