Category Avant Garde

Thomas Stronen–Time Is A Blind Guide

Classical and jazz/avant-garde–ambient, flowing strings, drum and piano. Nice! Advertisements

Michael Winter–Lower Limit

Works for guitars + other strings with micro tunings, minimalist sound, following algorithms. Sample.

Peter Garland–Moon Viewing Music (Inscrutable Stillness Studies #1)

These are slow, ambient, similar, restful pieces for gongs and tam-tam, as the subtitle suggests. Play!

John Luther Adams–Everything That Rises

One single piece for strings, ambient, building slowly over time. Sample!

Mark Applebaum–Speed Dating

Diverse pieces, voice or strings, and/or computers, interesting, with some political commentary.

Samir Odeh-Tamimi–Alif & Other Pieces

Very abstract works for bass horns, strings, piano or ensemble, with silences, odd sounds or droning tones. Play or sample most!

Invisible Anatomy–Dissections

Classical/avant-garde/rock & voice with strings, keyboards, computers and percussion ranging from ambient to more forceful.

Shadow Etchings–New Music for Flute

Except for the 1st tr., very abstract pieces, trk 4 with droning voice.

MAKrotonal–Microtonal Guitar

Beautiful, Baroque-like and contemporary pieces for microtonal guitar. Play!

Franco Donatoni–Chamber Works

Interesting collection of works for solo instruments (harp, piccolo, clarinet) and ensembles including  harpsichord–abstract, stylized.

Gene Pritsker’s Sound Liberation–Rite Through an Eclectic s

The Rites of Spring in Pritsker’s wildly creative adaptation–raucous, jazz/classical/avant/rock.

William Price–RUSH HOUR

Electroacoustic pieces some with cello, or sax, and a wide range of sounds: H2o, crackles, crashes, plinks…


Works for two violins ranging from squeaky, plucky to lyrically rhythmic. Play most!

Francois Rosse–Metissage

Avant garde pieces for saxophone and piano–silences, blats, but mostly quiet and slow.

Zvonomir Nagy–Liquescence

Ambient, slow pieces with silences and some  nice acoustics!


TV Soundtrack for the HBO series about religious persecution in Britain, written as a Western–ominous, droning, tense pieces for prepared piano and other instruments and electronics.

Robert Morris–Rippling

Two long, electroacoustic pieces with water sounds and voice. Sample.

Matteo Liberatore–Solos

Acoustic guitar with tools, odd sounds emanating, few chords. One piece recognizable as guitar!

Kevin Kastning & Sandor Szabo–Ethereal I

Improvisations for piano, contra-stringed guitar and electric guitar. Meandering, as the title suggests, ethereal. Play!

John Cage & Tom Johnson

Nice mix of pieces for all (or any!) instruements and one with voice counting. Johnson’s “Rational Melodies” are particularly striking. Play!

Steven Kemper–Mythical Spaces

Inspired by myths, electro-acoustic with robotic instruments. Mostly quiet with slow starts.


A mix of pieces, classical, avant, discordant, to more lyrical and playful. Some with harpsichord.

Pierre-Adrien Charpy–Sillages

Two very different CDs. One is electroacoustic, with some voice. CD 2 is voice with organ in Renaissance style.

Dan Trueman–Olagon–A Cantata in Doublespeak

Poems/songs performed in English and Gaelic with Eighth Blackbird accompanying.  Interesting music on CD 1, contemporary. CD 2 is more traditional and even Renaissance.

Long Roll

Composer/percussionist and professor–some of these pieces were written as a tribute to him, others by composers ffrom 1927 on, all modern.