Category Avant Garde

Robert Honstein–An Economy of Means

Lovely minimalist pieces for vibraphone or piano. Play all! Advertisements

Jarvis and Friends Vol. 1

Improvisational duos for percussion/vibraphone and horn or accordion. A mix of lyricism and wildness!

Kevin Kastning & Balazs Major–Kismaros

Further explorations and improvisations for percussion and 30 string contra-alto guitar. Play!

Jenny Olivia Johnson–Sylvia Songs

Songs for an hommage to Plath’s work and living places, with instruments, electronics and tape.

Actress + London Contemporary Orchestra – LAGEOS [Ninja Tune]

An ongoing collaboration between Darren Cunningham and LCO has blossomed into a full 10 track album that mixes classic Actress with contemporary classical music.  It’s upbeat, stringy, repetitive, and blurry– a waning hybrid between techno and acoustic melodies that will excite some and annoy others. Release Date: 5/25/2018 Play: 4, 6, 7, 9 RIYL: Daniel […]

Leon Vynehall – Nothing is Still [Ninja Tune]

Debut album on the mighty Ninja Tune label from seasoned British dance producer Leon Vynehall is fluid indeed, and nothing short of epic. Inspired by his Grandparents emigration from England to New York City, Vynehall created a concept record blending classical and ambient music that is a far cry from his previous, more club-oriented releases. […]

James Tenney–Harmonium

Heavy on strings used with droning and repetition, rising and with voices and other instruments. Trks 3 + 4 mimic Asian instruments. Sample.

Marc Mellits–Smoke

Highly varying works with jazz, funk, rock, classical for a nice mix of instruments: marimba, guitar, strings and sax. Play!

Steve Tibbetts–Life Of

Quiet, ambient guitar with cello and percussion, jazz based with classical elements. Nice!

Rasmus Juncker – Ophold [Kingdoms]

The debut album from Danish musician Rasmus Juncker lands somewhere between modern classical and noisey electronica. “I used multiple microphones on the same sound sources and manipulated them into completely new sounds,” Juncker noted. The resulting 6 track album is composed entirely from first take compositions that were later arranged and layered by Juncker. Music […]


Avant-garde compositions with a mix of short wave radio, electronics and/or instruments, from 1968. All very short.

Johnny Jewel – Themes for Television [Italians Do It Better]

A collection of ambient material intended for the “Twin Peaks” series reboot makes a surprise drop via the indie label Italians Do It Better. Jewel composed close to 20 hours of music for the show, and submitted nearly 7 hours of complete compositions intended for use in production– All were ultimately rejected by creator David […]

Returning to Heights Unseen–New Music for Flute

Very abstract works for flute, electronics and sounds.

The Hands Free

Wild mix of classical/avant-garde and bluegrass–banjo, accordion, strings.

Terry Riley–Dark Queen Mantra

String works by Riley and Scodanibbio. Riley’s sweet with guitar, Scodanibbio’s Baroque-like with some atonality. Play!

Igor Karaca–Handful of Dust

Bosnian composer living in Sarajevo during the siege reflects the melancholy and chaos through these vary different pieces based in saxophone. Play!


Robert Young and group performs abstract, contemporary pieces that are a mix of classical, jazz and avant-garde. Play most!


Classical/avant-garde works for violin, by Rothenberg, Mazzoli and Futing among others. Some screeching, but not all.

Subtle Degrees–A Dance That Empties

Three movements (long) for saxophone and percussion. Mvts 1 & 2 more flowing, mvt 3 cacophonous.

Kevin Kastning–17/66

As the composer describes, “harmonic blocks” compositions with contra and extended classical guitar. Nice!

A Breath Upwards

Variable pieces for soprano, intense accompaniment with viola, horn and/or clarinet. Pieces by Milton Babbitt and Michael Hersch.

dream–American Music for Electric Guitar

This is a stunning album! An excellent mix of pieces either for or transcribed for electric guitar or electric bass by many of the well-known contemporary/avant-garde composers: Lang, Cage, Wolff, Polansky, Sharp, Feldman and more. Sergio Sorrentino performs. Play, play, play!

Tigue–strange paradise

Tigue is a percussion trio. These 3 long pieces are ambient, hypnotic and minimalist. Nice! Sample.

Morton Feldman–For John Cage

One long piece (71 mins) in Feldman’s characteristic style: minimal, slow, very quiet, for violin and piano. Nice! Sample.

Yuko Fujiyama–night wave

A mix of lyrical, abstract, even odd works for piano, violin, percussion and horn. Eclectic!