Category Avant Garde

The Scene of the Crime

A collection of pieces for trumpet with percussion, ranging from abstract, to highly lyrical marimba! Duddell’s and Brostrom’s works particularly nice!

Aaron Siegel–A Great Many

For percussion and clarinet, one piece 24 mins. long, lyrical, ambient.

Transient Canvas–Wired

Mostly slow, quiet and abstract works for marimba and bass clarinet. Play!

Saariaho X Koh

Finnish composer uses harmonics, microtones–abstract, wandering. Play most!

Elliott Sharp– Dispersion

Works both composed but with improvisation by musicians, very abstract. Each performance is different.

Anna Thorvaldsdottir–Aequa

With sounds, droning, dark, quiet, meandering pieces. Play!

Padma Newsome–The Vanity of Trees

Solo work by member of the Clogs, with voice, combining elements of folk, avant, classical and pop.


Wild, avant/garde works for sax/accordion/strings, all interesting and varied. Play/sample!

David Feurzig–Lingua Franca

UVM’s own David Feurzig here has a collection of fun, varied pieces for piano, viola, cello, voice, and mixes thereof. “Homages” are clever imitations of the styles of other composers. Play!

Kate Soper–Ipsa Dixit

Soprano/new music vocalist/composer Kate Soper here sings/talks texts of philosophers/ideas/language and expression. With musical accompaniment by Wet Ink Ensemble.

Kevin Kastning–30/36

Original compositions/improvisations for 36-string double contraguitar and 30-string contra-alto guitar (designed by the composer)–ambient, flowing, nice tone. Play!

Jordan Munson–Until My Last

Ambient, mostly slow, quiet  electronic works. “Anew” with voices, whisperings, flowing.

Mark Lackey–Fairy Tale

A mix of classical and avant works for an interesting variety of instruments (guitar, various winds, percussion, marimba, strings) and some re-mixes with electronics. Nice!

Stefano Scodanibbio–Alisei

Mostly slow, quiet works (some long) for double bass and strings. “Due Pezzi” faster. Play!

Luca Lombardi–Music for Solo Flute

Avant yet accessible peices for solo flute (alto, bass) Play!


Abstract, lovely works for marimba, including works by the performer, all composed from 1990’s on. Play!

Stuart Saunders Smith–New England

Abstract, abruptly changing, yet lovely vibraphone pieces. Play!

David Lang–Mystery Sonatas

Abstract, solo violin pieces, mostly slow and gracious. Play!

Ted Coffey–Works for Dance

Pieces composed for dances, ambient sounds, computer noises, some droning. Trk 5 cacaphonous.

Kyle Gann–Hyperchromatica

Avant and just intonation solo and triple piano pieces, computerized. Interesting, not much atonality. Play!

Poppy Ackroyd – Resolve [One Little Indian Records]

This English artist and member of Hidden Orchestra is classically trained on piano and violin. Her music is made from basically just these two instruments, which is impressive considering the depth of sound garnered. Like your morning coffee, it’s very pleasant from start to finish. Release Date: 2/2/2018 RIYL: Emancipator, Hidden Orchestra Play: All  

Anthony Cheung–Cycles and Arrows

Very abstract, varying pieces both with lyricism and dissonance. Play most!

Zack Browning–Soul Doctrine

Really interesting pieces, abstract, a bit atonal, nice instrumental mix. Play!

Kyle Gann–Custer and Sitting Bull

A one voice opera with Native American music, based on Custer meeting Sitting Bull. Also other pieces for voice and electronics.

Stephen Yip–Whispering Fragrance

Abstract mix of Asian and Western music with guzheng and sax amongst other instruments. Play!