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The Dream Eaters – “We Are A Curse”

I would classify this album as an exercise in Dream-pop. The duo focuses on stripped down, dreamy, and ethereal vocals. The duo focuses a lot on harmonies, which are a serious theme of the album.   Label: Song Dynasty Play: 3, 8, 2 FCC: 4 RIYL: Beach House, The Kills, Youth Lagoon

Bonny Doon – Self Titled

Bonny Doon’s self titled album was a fun little album. The instrumentals are melodic with slow leads and down tempo drum beats. The lyric delivery is soft and smooth with melancholic themes. Additions of a female harmony, in the first song Relieved, create such a pleasant sound. This is an album to listen to when it […]

Trementina – “810”

Trementina’s 810, was a confusing album for me. It has a very lucid, ambient, dream pop sound, but there really wasn’t much of a flow to the album. Each song seemed unrelated from the project as a whole. I think this is another band trying to hard to be like Beach House.   Label: Burger Records […]

Goldfrapp – “Silver Eye”

Goldfrapp’s Silver Eye, the follow up to their 2013 album Tales of Us, is a dark, bass heavy, electo- pop album.  The synths are very dirty and loud, but pair well with the vocalists delivery style. I would recommend this album if you enjoy house music, the percussion was a drum & bass style. Overall, it is a […]

Sorority Noise – “You’re Not As _____ As You Think”

“You’re Not As _____ As You Think” is punk powerhouse,  Sorority Noise’s third full length album. A slower melodic album with strong guitar lead builds and climaxes.  Each song is very emotional with lyrics touching on themes of the friends dying, anxiety, depression, and suicide.   Sorority Noise did a great job continuing and refining […]