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Chrome Hoof : Chrome Black Gold

This latest release from Chrome Hoof is fantastically hard to describe. Epic female vocals, showers of synthesizer arpeggiation, heavy metal breakdowns, gravel scratched male vocals, four on the floor house beats and the occasional organ solo. Experimental-metal-electro-funk-space-prog-rock… 0r something like that. An incredibly unique album with a very cinematic, stadium packed feel. Any given song, no […]

Night Lights : Night Lights LP

Catchy guitar hooks, danceable tracks, and powerfully emotive vocals drive this 5 song LP. A nice mix of rock and dance rhythms, reminiscent of recent “The Killers” albums. The guitar work throughout is a standout; a nice 80s squelch that oozes through each track. Pop-rock without a doubt, but with more depth than most. The first […]

Talbot Adams – Green Girl Single

Short and sweet EP release from Talbot Adams. Laid back psychedelic pop with airy vocals and smooth rolling melodies. This release only contains two tracks, Green Girl and I Love You So. Very soothing, reverb-filled songs with simple and effective melodies. Relaxed, slow paced psychedelic tunes with a sunny, summer time kind of feel to […]

Harmonizm – T Bird and the Breaks

Soulful, passionate funk music coming out of Houston, Texas. T Bird and the Breaks third studio album continues their tradition of throwback retro-funk. Drawing inspiration from the classics (think Parliament and Funkadelic), rough, gravely vocals backed by a soulful chorus and some undeniably funky horns. Great breakbeats and bass lines throughout. An extremely enjoyable listen […]