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Various Artists (Hawaii Bonsai Records) Hawaii Bonsai Sampler 1&2

Disk 1 is more RPM and Dub, while Disk 2 is modern Cumbia/Latin with heavy bass. Everything this record label puts out is AMAZING! RIYL: Bonobo, Gold Panda, Dj Cheb I Sabbah, Nicodemus, Cumbia moderna, bass music  *TB Favs Advertisements

Various Artists (Hawaii Bonsai Records) Raja Sound an India Bass Compilation-

Slammin’ beats mixed with traditional instruments and vocals – Every track is on fire! Try:2,3,4,7,10,11. RIYL: Karsh Kale, Dj Cheb I Sabbah, DjYoga  *TB Favs

CreepXotica (Dionysus) Haunted Bossa Nova-

Side project of Surf Punk band the Creepy Creeps, these are throwback tunes for the Ultra-Lounge crowd. Like a soundtrack to a 1960s spy movie or Tiki bar music! Try:ALL RIYL: the electric martini lounge, surf rock  *TB Favs

Ellason (Ansonica) Traditional Cuban Music-

Great classic Cuban tunes sung and played by very talented women. Great harmonies and fun accents on all tracks! If you like one you’ll like them all! RIYL: Celia Cruz, Female Vocalists, Buena Vista Social Club

New Kingston (Easy Star) Come From Far-

Positive vibes on these trax on the sweet and mellow, songs for lovers. Try:2,7,8,10. RIYL: Tribal Seeds, Protoje, Chronixx, Steel Pulse

Soja (ATO) Poetry in Motion-

“An uplifting meld of reggae, go-go, D.C. hardcore, Latin rock, and hip-hop.” Positive & empowering blend of many styles here. Good instrumentation, great horns, and a fav of the summer festival circuit. If you like one, you’ll like them all. RIYL: Twiddle, John Brown’s Body, Nahko, Reggae-lite

Boubacar Traore (Lusafrika) Dounia Tabolo-

“The last Malian bluesman of his generation” Soulful West African mixed with heavy blues harmonica, fiddle, and the feel of the music is blues heavy. Try: 1,3,5,6,8,10,12. RIYL: Blues, West African, African vocals…

Spanish Fly (Chaco) Ay Que Boogaloo-

Upbeat modern take on classic Boogaloo style. I like the instrumentals but many trax are English & Spanish. Try: 1,3,5,7,8. RIYL: Boogaloo, Sr. Coconut, Modern Latin Music, Nicodemus…

Sameer Gupta (SR) A Circle Has No Beginning

Really fun jazzy tunes with many other styles represented as well. Some are pop-like vocal trax, some are full on jazz odyssey, and most have some kind of Indian raga fusion. Great strings, table, horns, and flute! This is special music…Try: 3,4,5,8,12. RIYL: Wild Indian fusion, jazz, Raga, Ambient… *TB Favs

Brenda Navarrete (Alma) Mi Mundo

Beautiful Cuban Songstress delivers on this album. Her voice is both youthful and ancient. Some of her harmonies connect us to African roots, all with an upbeat jazzy Cuban backbone. Try: 1,2,3,7,8,10. RIYL: Cuban music, Angélique Kidjo, Zap Momma, Esperanza Spaulding…

Mashkoor Ali Khan (Nimbus Alliance) Transcendence

One hour-long track here from a Master Indian Classical Vocalist. Pretty far out at times, definitely sounds like he’s on quite a musical/spiritual journey, backed by traditional table and sitar in the Raga style Try: 1. RIYL: Classical Indian Chanting, Raga music, Ravi Shankar…

3MA (6 Degrees) Anarouz

3 Master string players come together for this incredible collaboration. Great combo of Traditional African sounds, with a jazzy improv feel– some trax very groovy! Try: 1,3,4,6 RIYL: Toubab Krewe, Barika, Mali, African Strings FCC: Clean

La Misa Negra (Nam Entertainment) La MIsa Negra

Modern Cumbia and Afrobeat come together in this upbeat album. Sprinted female vocalist throughout and she adds spunky fun accents. I liked the more instrumental trax… Try: 1,3,5,7,10,11 RIYL: Manu Chau, Gogol Bordello, Spanish Female Vox, King Coya FCC: Clean

Shujaat Khan w/ Katayoun Goudarzi, Tim Ries, Kevin Hays (Tames) Will You

Improvisational Jazz with a Persian twist! The jazzy piano, meeting sitar, tabla, and sax make for a great combo. Some trax feature male/female vox traditional chanting etc. Try: 3,2,8,10 RIYL: Ravi Shankar, World Jazz, Long Songs FCC: Clean

Henri Dikongue (Planetary) Diaspora

The artist describes his style best as “A little New Orleans, mixed with Africa and some classical” which is about right. Some are upbeat and jazzy and some are more slow and romantic. Try: 12,13,1,4,7,10 RIYL: African Folk music, Creole FCC: Clean

The Green (Easy Star) Marching Orders

Positive vibrations and diverse collection of reggae infused pop music. Many vocalists on this album, some distorted & auto-tuned some more traditional. 11 is a great version of 7 Nation Army. Try: 11,4,7 RIYL: Modern Fusion Reggae, Ziggy Marley, Easy Star All Stars, Pop-Reggae FCC: 3

Nahko (SideOneDummy) My Name is Bear

Solo release from Nahko really highlights his vocal talents. Heartfelt, romantic, uplifting, positive vibes. Festival Music!! Try: 1,4,9,10 RIYL: Twiddle, Fink, Dreamy Male Vocals, Singer Songwriter types FCC: 3

Various Artists (VP Records) Mista Savona Presents Havana Meets Kingston

Various Artists (VP Records) Mista Savona Presents Havana Meets Kingston- All star musicians collaborate to bring Cuban and Jamaican Music together. The result is a fantastic album, maybe a little heavier on the Cuban, but all great! Try: 1,4,5,7,9,12,14,15. RIYL: Buena Vista Social Club, Cuban Music, Reggae-like music FCC: Clean

Mr. Lif & Brass Menazeri (Waxisimili) Resilient

Mr. Lif & Brass Menazeri (Waxisimili) Resilient- Great combo of Lif’s cool lyrical styles and Balkan Beats and accents. All good! Try: 6,10,4,3,7 RIYL: Mr. Lif, Balkan Beat Box, Nas, Eastern European Vibes, Klezmer, Conscious Hip Hop. FCC: 1, 2, 8

Monoplasma (Criteria) Uno

Monoplasma (Criteria) Uno- Sounds like Latin Indie Rock, with male vox. Some tracks have a nostalgic 80s feel about them and some are romantic rock anthems. Try: 3,4,5,8,11. RIYL: Empire of the Sun, 80s music, Latin Emo FCC: Clean

Thunder Body (Rootfire Cooperative) Solstice

Mellow upbeat positive soulful reggae-lite. Great instrumental trax, I wish there were more. Try: 6, 7, 2, 3, 5. RIYL: John Brown’s Body, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Matisyahu, Spiritual Rez FCC: Clean

Hasa–Mazzotta (Ponderosa) Novilunio

Lovely traditional Albanian folk music in various languages with mostly female vocals. Great traditional instrumentation! Some good Gypsy jams as well. RIYL: Gypsy, Traditional FCC: Clean

Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino (Ponderosa) Canzoniere

Legendary Italian group comes together for a modern fusion album with many styles represented here. From out of control folk ragers to slow ballads, they are all interesting. Some of my favs are the wild Balkan inspired trax. Try 4,7,9,10,12. RIYL: Balkan Beat Box FCC: Clean

Camille (Because Music) Ui

Breathy French Female Vocals done in creative and whimsical arrangements and layers, backed by fun electro beats. Try 3,5,7,9,10. RIYL: Zap Mamma , French Pop FCC: Clean

Various Artists (Reachout International Records) Essential Dub

Great modern Dub styles from many renowned artists. All Good! RIYL: Dub FCC: Clean?