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The Darktaris (Daptone) Soul Explosion [Remastered]

In 1998 this was a re-issue of a 1970s album – this is the re-master of that album plus bonus material. Amazing example of AfroBeat & AfroFunk at it’s best played by master musicians Try: ALLRIYL: AfroBeat, Fela Kuti, Soweto, Horns, FUNK FCC:Clean *TB Favs DIGITAL ONLY

Gentleman’s Dub Club (Easy Star) Lost in Space

Positive Upbeat tunes with great horns! Some catchy tunes here with heartfelt vocals. Lots of vocals here so I wouldn’t call it Dub, but these Brits sure do know how to play some easy style chill reggae. I prefer this to some of the East Coast stuff we get in VT. Try: 3,4,6,9,10RIYL: British Reggae, […]

Jupiter & Okwess (Zamora) Kin Sonic

Really fun and funky African funk/rock/pop with powerful vocal styling in their native tongue. Fantastic guitar driven tunes with modern and traditional sounds. Try: 1,2,3,4,6,8,10,11 RIYL: AfroBeat, Soweto, Guitar Funk, African dance, Saharan Blues FCC:Clean *TB Favs DIGITAL ONLY

Free Radicals (SR) No State Solution

Horn heavy dance music that “includes doses of klezmer, ska, punk, Indian music and more.” Such great stuff here! Try: ALLRIYL: Dj Cheb I Sabbah, Karsh Kal, David Starfire *TB Favs DIGITAL ONLY

Rio Mira (AYA) Marimba Del Pacifico

Marimba centric latin jams! Great instruments and Spanish vocals.Try: 4,6 ALL FCC:Clean DIGITAL ONLY

Brownout (Phatbeats) Fear Of A Brown Planet

FUNK Powerhouse supergroup delivers this amazing re-imagined Public Enemy album. So much funk here! Incredible horn section and master musicians. Try: 1,3,4,5, 7,8,10,11,12,ALL RIYL: James Brown, Greyboy Allstars, FUNK, Public Enemy, Great covers FCC:Clean *TB Favs DIGITAL ONLY

El Zombi Flash (Pakapi) El Zombi Flash

Slammin’ Tropical Beats Cumbia/Latin/Carribean dance with phat bass flutes and plenty of wobble! Try: 1,3,5 ALL RIYL: Tropical Bass, Thievery Corp,  Latin rpm, Nicodemus FCC:Clean *TB Favs DIGITAL ONLY

El Milagro Verde (Hawaii Bonsai) Orbital Chicha

Another perfect record giving us the best Andean and Cumbia inspired dance tunes. So much great music here featuring a beautiful blend of traditional instruments with phat bass and good production.Try: 2,3,5,6,9,10 ALL RIYL: Tropical Bass, Andean vibes, Chicha, international dance FCC:Clean *TB Favs DIGITAL ONLY

Cumbia Cosmonauts (Hawaii Bonsai) Cumbia Cosmonauts and the Radio Africa Band

Another great release from an amazing label putting out the best Tropical Bass and Cumbia Moderno in the world. This album has a great combo of African and Cumbia to make a slammin’ dance album. Try: 3,6,8, 14 ALL RIYL: Tropical Bass, Ande Andean,  Latin rpm FCC:Clean *TB Favs DIGITAL ONLY

Anchorsong (Wonderwheel) Cohesion

This quote from the promter pretty much sums up this AWESOME release. “traditional Indian music and Bollywood movie soundtracks from the 1970s and 1980s with dancefloor beats.” YES!!!Try: 1,3,4, 7,8,9 ALLRIYL: Dj Cheb I Sabbah, Karsh Kale, dj tonybonez, David Starfire FCC:Clean *TB Favs DIGITAL ONLY

Chancha Via Circuito (Wonderwheel) Bienaventuranza

Andean roots blend with modern beats and traditional instruments to make an INCREDIBLE dance album. Super fun music – I like the instrumental tracks more, but the vocals are beautiful and varied from song to song. Try: 1,2,3, 10,11 ALL RIYL: Tropical Bass, Ande Andean,  Latin rpm, Balkan Beat Box FCC:Clean *TB Favs DIGITAL ONLY

Jef Stot (Embarrka) Asian Dub System

Chill late night beats with a sexy international base. Great instrumental downbeat tracks good for Yoga, Dinner party etc. Some slammin’ Balkan sounds as well as Latin, African, and Carribean fusions RIYL: Bedroom beats, DjYoga, dj tonybonez, Dj Cheb-I-Sabbah, Nicodemus, Thievery Corporation, Dessert Dwellers, Drumspyder FCC:Clean *TB Favs DIGITAL ONLY

ALTAIR (Tropical Twista) Oriental Remixes

Sounds like minimal house with well-placed accents and Latin flavor. Try: ALL RIYL: Minimal House, Latin RPM, Experimental FCC:Clean *TB Favs DIGITAL ONLY

Uji (ZZK) Alborada

Some really unique and AMAZING music on this record – lots of very cool instrument samples with a indigenous tribal sound. Amazon dance music with some vocals in Spanish and native tongues. Try: 1,4,5,6,7,10,11 RIYL: Tropical Bass, Bonobo, Gold Panda, Nicodemus, Thievery Corp, Latin rpm FCC:Clean *TB Favs – DIGITAL ONLY

Jr. Thomas & the Volcanos (Colemine) Rockstone*

Authentic sounding throwback album. For lovers of Rocksteady and old school reggae this album will delight. RIYL: the Fightnrs, the Heptones, Toots, Jimmy Cliff, the Wailers etc FCC:Clean *TB Favs

Out of Nations (Riverboat) Quest

Diverse album of great tunes- definitely world inspired jazz. Lots of influences from Eastern European to Indian and Saharan. Some epic jams and other are more jazzy. Try: 1,3,5,6,9 FCC:Clean

Black Uhuru (Black Uhuru) As the World Turns*

It’s been 15 years since a studio album from this legendary group, and this album gives us 1 track for each year! Duckie Simpson comes out front to bless the album with his vocals, in addition to great cameos. Try: 1,3,5,8,9,12,15  RIYL: Iconic Reggae FCC:Clean *TB Favs

Nirmala Rajasekar (innova) Maithree the Music of Friendhsip

Nirmala Rajasekar (innova) Maithree the Music of Friendhsip-Beautiful arrangements blending traditional raga with jazzy & classical styles. Expert instrumentalists make this a truly amazing recording. Try: 1,2,4,7 RIYL: Indian Raga, the Shankar family FCC:Clean

Various Artists (Putumayo) Joy to the World

Local favorite label cranks out another solid compilation! Wonderful takes on old favorites as well as regional favorites. Try: 1,4,7,9,10  RIYL: Xmas tunes! FCC:Clean

Various Artists (Putumayo) Ska Around the World*

Local favorite label cranks out another solid compilation! As always, an awesome variety of tunes that can be a great intro. to the  genre, or suit a true fan as well. Try: 1,4,6,7,8   RIYL: Ska ! FCC:Clean *TB Favs

Small Island Mix (SR) Small Island Big Song

“The most respected artists of the Indian and Pacific Ocean Region.” An amazing project and film about this music all recorded with traditional instruments. Every song is different and they are all great! Fun fact – this CD came with a wooden toothbrush! Try: 2,3,4,5,10,12,14  RIYL: Field recordings, Traditional music, Pacific Island Music FCC:Clean                                    *TBs Favs

Roots of Creation (Bombshelter) Grateful Dub

If you like the Dead and ROC, then you will love this album! Some great guest appearances from Stephen Marley, G.Love, Melvin Seals, Marlon Asher, among others  Try: 1,4,5,7,10,13 RIYL: The Grateful Dead, John Brown’s Body, Soja, Michael Franti, Jah Works FCC:Clean *TB Favs

Super Hi-Fi (Very Special Recordings) Blue and White

Interesting mix of sounds here. Definitely a Ska theme throughout, mixed with some pretty wild experimental and rock stuff.  Try: 3,7, 8,9,10,11 RIYL: Surf Rock, Ska, Experimental, FCC:Clean  *TB Favs

Hirie (Rootfire Collective) Wandering Soul

Sweet voiced songstress’ 2ndalbum. Great horns accompany with a reggae backbeat Try: 3,4,11 RIYL: Female vocalists, Lovers, Natalie Rize, FCC:Clean

Gary Nesta Pine (SR) Revelations

2ndalbum from City Heat frontman. Great horns on this album and many songs sound like instant classics. RIYL: Positive Vibes Try: 1,4,6,8,12 FCC:Clean