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Delgres (PIAS) Mo Jodi

Paris based group sings blues rock in Creole & French. The result is a very unique sound that brings many genres together. Great twangy slide guitars, harmonicas, and a gritty sound permeate the whole album. Beautiful male vocals. Try: 1,2,4,5,7,8,9 RIYL: French, Creole, Gritty blues rock, Black Angels FCC:Clean Advertisements

Tago Fado Duo (Sorel Classics) Binelle & Da Silva

The first album in the world to feature the Bandoneon & the Portuguese Guitar! This NYC based Duo bring together some incredible instruments to create an amazing combination of Tango and Fado music. Try: 1,3,6,9 RIYL: Strings, Klezmer, Fado, Tango, Traditional music, Romance, Accordions FCC:Clean

Various Artists (Catch me time Records) Gotcha Covered

Famous radio host Chuck Foster brings together reggae artists from all over to re-do some classics. The result is a very diverse album from an all-star crew and some great old tunes re-imagined. Some great dub tracks too! Try: 2,3,4,6,7,8,12,13,14 RIYL: Awesome cover albums FCC:Clean

Angelique Kidjo (Kravenworks) Remain in Light

The famous Talking Heads album re-imagined by the legend herself. The result ends up being some of the best Talking Heads tunes I’ve ever heard. Really fun modern afrobeat funk approach to these songs you know by heart. Try: 2,4, ALL RIYL: Talking Heads, Awesome cover albums, African Queens, Fela Kuti FCC:Clean *TB Favs

Mellow Mood (La Tempesta Dub) Large

Italian Reggae band delivers a diverse album and danceable anthems. Some are fun, others are songs of protest and solidarity with a + message. Try: 2,3,10 RIYL: Collie Buds, John Brown’s Body, FCC:Clean

Los Texmaniacs (Smithsonian Folkways) Cruzando Borders

Sounds like traditional Mariachi music, but done with a new twist. Beautiful harmonies this music is famous for! Incredible accordion playing – really makes the whole thing even better! Super fun heritage music done in Spanish and English. I like the faster ones in Spanish or all instrumental… Try: 1,3,6,9,11 RIYL: Country & Western, Ranchero, Mariachi, […]

Bombino (Partisan Records) Deran

Incredible Toureg blues rock/reggae with the steel/surf guitar front and center. Most songs feature male vocals in collaboration/chanting call/response in Bombino’s native language of Tamasheq. Recorded in the King’s studio located in Casablanca, this album hums with the sounds of the region and also modern fusion. Try: 1,2,4,5,7 RIYL: Tuareggae, Ali Farka Toure, Imarhan, Toubab Krewe, FCC:Clean […]

Grupo Mono Blanco (Smithsonian Folkways) Fandango

Sounds like music from another time, but Sones Jarochas de Veracruz and leading a revival of traditional Mexican music. These folks are masters of putting a new crispness to this incredible heritage music. A treat for anyone who likes the roots of Latin music!Try: 2,4,6,7, 9,12 RIYL: Roots Latin music, Mexican roots, Veracruz, Ranchero FCC:Clean *TB […]

Beast from the East (Space Duck Records) Bumpin Uglies

Ska, reggae, punk, humor, and irony all in one! Talented musicians playing a fusion; some end up better than others. RIYL: Spiritual Rez, John Brown’s Body, Twiddle, Nahko, Sublime FCC:Clean

Hungry March Band (Imaginator Records) Running through with the sadness

Spirited brass with a BIG sound! Elements of Dub, NOLA Funk, Ska, Klezmer, OomPa bands, jazz, and punk. Try: 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9 ALL! RIYL: Danny Elfman, What Cheer? Brigade, Sun Ra Arkestra, The Skatalites, Fanfaria Ciocarlia, Slavic Soul Party, Antibalas FCC:Clean *TB Favs

Sting & Shaggy (A&M Records) 44/876

Yes, you read that right, thatSting and Shaggy! It’s straight forward easy reggae, positive, light, as Sting and Shaggy share verses. If you like them, you’ll probably like this! Try: 1, 6, 9, 11  RIYL: Sting, Shaggy, reggae-lite FCC:Clean

Jef Stott (Embarka Records) Asian Dub System Vol.1

Our friend Jef Stott cooks up another amazing selection of electronica with a World spin. Definitely a Balkan backbeat, but it seems more mystical and Ambient and dubby. Great stuff for a Chill latenight set, or DjYoga. Try: 2, 3, ALL!  RIYL: AttYa, Dj Cheb I Sabah, David Starfire, Balkan Beat Box, dj tonybonez FCC:Clean *TB Favs

Valeria Matzner (Triplet) Anima

Beautiful Spanish/English vocals with dynamic mix of backing instrumentals – often jazzy, but other modern elements as well. Check out Radiohead cover of Lotus Flower, track 5. Try: 1, 4,5, 8 RIYL: Esperanza Spaulding,  Latin Jazz FCC:Clean

Catherine Bent (SR) Ideal

Modern Choro music at it’s best! Catherine brings a cello to music that has not traditionally had one and takes it to a new level. “Choro developed in the late 19thCentury and came into its own in the 20s/30s, an offshoot from European social dance music and Brazil’s unique mix of African and Indigenous elements.” […]

Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness (BCUC) (Nyami Nyami) Emakhosini

Powerful and passionate music here. Very long epic trips in the spirit of Afrobeat, but stripped down and no horns. The vocals range from passionate screams, chants, call and response, prayers, protests, harmonies, all with beauty and rawness. Try: All RIYL: Fela Kuti, Experimental, Long songs FCC:? *TB Favs

Hector Guerra (Kasbah Music) Amor Desde El Infierno

This quote from the promoter sums it up well,“Hector…carries within himself the lyric of hip-hop, the beat of Dancehall, the flavor of Cumbia, the mysticism of Andean music, the power of electronics- a perfect blend of urban sounds and Latin music.” Definitely has lots of Auto-tuned male vox, has a Reggaeton vibe but with more […]

Kiran Ahluwalia (Canada Council of Arts) 7 Billion

Beautiful Punjabi vocalist brings classic vintage sounds with a twist. Could be the soundtrack to a modern Bollywood movie. Great instrumentation, again mixing old with new. Try: ALL 3, 6. RIYL: Indian Female Vocalists, Bollywood soundtracks FCC:Clean

Who is John Smith (SR) Palm Wine Instrumentals

Another James Wetzel treat! Here he teams up with a percussionist and plays Palm Wine style guitar music. Very cool and unique sound; African, jazz, surf, happy, analog, fun… Try: ALL 3, 5, 7, 12 ALL. RIYL: Palm Wine Guitar style, unique percussion, spoon/bottle playing, African blues FCC:Clean  *TB Favs

James Whetzel (SR) Slow Waves

Our friend James Whetzel puts out another unique and beautiful sonic experience. He calls it “cryogenic chill” because it’s ultra chill-out music for de-stressing, tai chi, yoga, dmt, meditation etc. Very ambient and atmospheric stuff here, could easily be layered with more for a sonic meditation or taken on it’s own. Try: ALL 1,3,5. RIYL: Meditation […]

Rahim Alhaj Trio (Smithsonian Folkways) One Sky

Fun string music played by Oud master and friends. Definitely has a middle-eastern feel and the spirit of the desert. Beautiful recording of unique and subtle instruments. Try: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 RIYL: Lutes, Mandolins, Sitar, Tabla FCC:Clean

Dactah Chando (Soulfire) Global CityZen

Canary Islands native sings reggae in a smooth and easy style. Upbeat, positive, straight forward lyrics in a few languages. Try: 3, 4, 7, 10, 11 RIYL: Matisyahu, Reggae-lite FCC:Clean

Ali Farka Toure (World Circuit) The Source

Father of “Desert Blues” andLegends come together in this one. Ali’s signature electric guitar and violin playing shine on this whole album. Great male vocals coming together in harmony on almost every track. Many amazing guests as well! Try: All 2, 3, 7, 8, 9 RIYL: West African Guitar, Toubab Krewe, Saharan/Desert Blues, FCC:Clean * TB […]

Les Poules a Colin (Outside) Morose

Montreal based band mixing traditional and modern, French and English. Some sound a lot like bluegrass with fiddles and all. “Imagine the captivating melody of Celtic folk, performed with the rhythmic and instrumental verve of jazz, but with the content and mood of bluegrass murder ballads.” Try: 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11 RIYL: Rising […]

Manika Kaur (Suriya Recordings) Sacred Words

Kirtan contemporary legend! One of the most successful Sikh solo artists in the world! She teams up with Talvin Singh on this album to produce beautifully haunting tracks that highlight her amazing voice. Sounds like mantra. Try: Like 1, you’ll like them all! RIYL: Krishna Das, Female vocals, Devotional music FCC:Clean

Alexandra Jackson (SR) Legacy & Alchemy

Some lovely tracks from Brazilian-American songstress. Many guests and both English and Portuguese keep this album diverse. Some songs come with a side of cheese and some are better than others. Try: D1- 3, 4, 7, 8, 12, 13 D2-  1, 3, 5   RIYL: Quincy Jones, Smooth Jazz FCC:Clean