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Small Island Mix (SR) Small Island Big Song

“The most respected artists of the Indian and Pacific Ocean Region.” An amazing project and film about this music all recorded with traditional instruments. Every song is different and they are all great! Fun fact – this CD came with a wooden toothbrush! Try: 2,3,4,5,10,12,14  RIYL: Field recordings, Traditional music, Pacific Island Music FCC:Clean                                    *TBs Favs […]

Roots of Creation (Bombshelter) Grateful Dub

If you like the Dead and ROC, then you will love this album! Some great guest appearances from Stephen Marley, G.Love, Melvin Seals, Marlon Asher, among others  Try: 1,4,5,7,10,13 RIYL: The Grateful Dead, John Brown’s Body, Soja, Michael Franti, Jah Works FCC:Clean *TB Favs

Super Hi-Fi (Very Special Recordings) Blue and White

Interesting mix of sounds here. Definitely a Ska theme throughout, mixed with some pretty wild experimental and rock stuff.  Try: 3,7, 8,9,10,11 RIYL: Surf Rock, Ska, Experimental, FCC:Clean  *TB Favs

Hirie (Rootfire Collective) Wandering Soul

Sweet voiced songstress’ 2ndalbum. Great horns accompany with a reggae backbeat Try: 3,4,11 RIYL: Female vocalists, Lovers, Natalie Rize, FCC:Clean

Gary Nesta Pine (SR) Revelations

2ndalbum from City Heat frontman. Great horns on this album and many songs sound like instant classics. RIYL: Positive Vibes Try: 1,4,6,8,12 FCC:Clean

Spiritual Rez (SR) Setting in the West

A new direction for these guys? Sounds more like a 90s throwback, with a reggae feel. RIYL: John Brown’s Body, Soja, Michael Franti, Jah Works, Smashmouth, Reel Big Fish, Sublime FCC:4 (bitch)

Jah Works (Riddem House Productions) Beleive

Baltimore based group’s 10threlease in the last 20 years. Staple of the “East Coast” Reggae scene, this album brings positive vibes and solid tracks for the Summer festival scene. Try: 1,3,6,11,13 RIYL: John Brown’s Body, Soja, Michael Franti, Spiritual Rez FCC:Clean

Joss Jaffe (BMI) Dub Mantra Sangha Remix

Some heavy hitters in the DjYoga world on this remix list and some Electronic Producers like Atyya make this a HUGE release.  Try: 3,4,6,7,9 RIYL: DjYoga, dj tonybonez, Dessert Dwellers, Chill, Mantra, Dj Taz Rashid, Kirtan, Dam das FCC:Clean *TB Favs

Brewgreen and the Babylons (SR) A Little Way to Go

Hugh Yamada of “Going S” earlier days. Upbeat rock/folk done by young rockers with Japanese roots. Hugh’s voice wins it for me, such heart! I love the songs in Japanese best. Songs 4&5 were done LIVE on Continental Drift w/tonybonez on 8.29.2018  Try: 2,4,5, RIYL: Japanese Pop/Folk/Rock FCC:Clean *TB Favs

Joseph Sheehan & KINETIC (Ansonica) Songs of Lake Volta

“Ghanaian Traditional Music Reimagined.” Beautiful arrangements. Enchanting Strings! Heavy jazz backbone to this whole album, especially with the female vocals. Try: 1,3,5,8  RIYL: Esperanza Spaulding, Smooth Jazz FCC:Clean

Mariachi Reyna De Los Angeles (Smithsonian Folkways) Self Titled

Mariachi music from al all female group out of CA. Very fresh and fun new take on traditional Mariachi music. Try: ALL  RIYL: Mariachi music, Traditional Mexican music, Latin FCC:Clean

The Blue Dahlin (SR) La Tradition Americaine

 Female vocalist driven quirky and fun music with a French multi-national flair. Love the Accordion work here! “French, Mexican, Caribean, Eastern European & American folk.” I like the ones in French… Try: 2,4,5,6,10,14  RIYL: French Female Vox, Gypsy folk. FCC:Clean

Karavan Sarai (Electrofone) Painted Sands

This pretty much sums this all up – “Electro-acoustic Silk Road mystic melodies meets electronic grooves and enchanting dance.” Incredible instrumentals and sublte sound effects. Try: 2,3,5  RIYL: Dj Cheb I Sabah, Karsh Kale, DjYoga FCC:Clean                              *TB Favs

Delgres (PIAS) Mo Jodi

Paris based group sings blues rock in Creole & French. The result is a very unique sound that brings many genres together. Great twangy slide guitars, harmonicas, and a gritty sound permeate the whole album. Beautiful male vocals. Try: 1,2,4,5,7,8,9 RIYL: French, Creole, Gritty blues rock, Black Angels FCC:Clean

Tago Fado Duo (Sorel Classics) Binelle & Da Silva

The first album in the world to feature the Bandoneon & the Portuguese Guitar! This NYC based Duo bring together some incredible instruments to create an amazing combination of Tango and Fado music. Try: 1,3,6,9 RIYL: Strings, Klezmer, Fado, Tango, Traditional music, Romance, Accordions FCC:Clean

Various Artists (Catch me time Records) Gotcha Covered

Famous radio host Chuck Foster brings together reggae artists from all over to re-do some classics. The result is a very diverse album from an all-star crew and some great old tunes re-imagined. Some great dub tracks too! Try: 2,3,4,6,7,8,12,13,14 RIYL: Awesome cover albums FCC:Clean

Angelique Kidjo (Kravenworks) Remain in Light

The famous Talking Heads album re-imagined by the legend herself. The result ends up being some of the best Talking Heads tunes I’ve ever heard. Really fun modern afrobeat funk approach to these songs you know by heart. Try: 2,4, ALL RIYL: Talking Heads, Awesome cover albums, African Queens, Fela Kuti FCC:Clean *TB Favs

Mellow Mood (La Tempesta Dub) Large

Italian Reggae band delivers a diverse album and danceable anthems. Some are fun, others are songs of protest and solidarity with a + message. Try: 2,3,10 RIYL: Collie Buds, John Brown’s Body, FCC:Clean

Los Texmaniacs (Smithsonian Folkways) Cruzando Borders

Sounds like traditional Mariachi music, but done with a new twist. Beautiful harmonies this music is famous for! Incredible accordion playing – really makes the whole thing even better! Super fun heritage music done in Spanish and English. I like the faster ones in Spanish or all instrumental… Try: 1,3,6,9,11 RIYL: Country & Western, Ranchero, Mariachi, […]

Bombino (Partisan Records) Deran

Incredible Toureg blues rock/reggae with the steel/surf guitar front and center. Most songs feature male vocals in collaboration/chanting call/response in Bombino’s native language of Tamasheq. Recorded in the King’s studio located in Casablanca, this album hums with the sounds of the region and also modern fusion. Try: 1,2,4,5,7 RIYL: Tuareggae, Ali Farka Toure, Imarhan, Toubab Krewe, FCC:Clean […]

Grupo Mono Blanco (Smithsonian Folkways) Fandango

Sounds like music from another time, but Sones Jarochas de Veracruz and leading a revival of traditional Mexican music. These folks are masters of putting a new crispness to this incredible heritage music. A treat for anyone who likes the roots of Latin music!Try: 2,4,6,7, 9,12 RIYL: Roots Latin music, Mexican roots, Veracruz, Ranchero FCC:Clean *TB […]

Beast from the East (Space Duck Records) Bumpin Uglies

Ska, reggae, punk, humor, and irony all in one! Talented musicians playing a fusion; some end up better than others. RIYL: Spiritual Rez, John Brown’s Body, Twiddle, Nahko, Sublime FCC:Clean

Hungry March Band (Imaginator Records) Running through with the sadness

Spirited brass with a BIG sound! Elements of Dub, NOLA Funk, Ska, Klezmer, OomPa bands, jazz, and punk. Try: 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9 ALL! RIYL: Danny Elfman, What Cheer? Brigade, Sun Ra Arkestra, The Skatalites, Fanfaria Ciocarlia, Slavic Soul Party, Antibalas FCC:Clean *TB Favs

Sting & Shaggy (A&M Records) 44/876

Yes, you read that right, thatSting and Shaggy! It’s straight forward easy reggae, positive, light, as Sting and Shaggy share verses. If you like them, you’ll probably like this! Try: 1, 6, 9, 11  RIYL: Sting, Shaggy, reggae-lite FCC:Clean

Jef Stott (Embarka Records) Asian Dub System Vol.1

Our friend Jef Stott cooks up another amazing selection of electronica with a World spin. Definitely a Balkan backbeat, but it seems more mystical and Ambient and dubby. Great stuff for a Chill latenight set, or DjYoga. Try: 2, 3, ALL!  RIYL: AttYa, Dj Cheb I Sabah, David Starfire, Balkan Beat Box, dj tonybonez FCC:Clean *TB Favs