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Marc Ribot (PI Recordings) “Live at the Village Vanguard”

Mr. Ribot is hardly your typical jazz guitarist.  His stylistic references and intense delivery…well…Deliver!  Blues,rock, punk, country from his often hard edged, solid-body guitar sound meet back-from-oblivion bassist/violinist Henry Grimes and adept drummer Taylor on the creative improv ground.  One critic chose two words that aptly describe this set…Restless and Riveting. Music by Albert Ayler […]

Mario Pavone (Playscape) “Street Songs”

“That front stoop music” is how Mr. Pavone remembers the ethnic accordion sounds of his Waterbury, Conn. neighborhood growing up.  He’s added the squeeze box to his group here but don’t expect Polka!  Heady compostion (all Pavone), mystery and timbral alchemy from these fine players combine to yield music as smart as it is deep.

BANN (Jazz Eyes) “As You Like”

Energetic mix of originals and covers from this muscular, modern foursome. Blake and Noy are a virtuosic and expressive front line. Jay and Adam provide solid-as-a-rock support. Drawing from rock, blues and the improv tradition, they fuse all into  sit-up and listen Jazz.  Nice.  

Jazzbonez (Summit) “Watch It!”

Six trombones plus 4 piece rhythm section.  They’ve been together since 2006. Big brassy blend – Smooth as glass to brightly blaring.  Some nice soloing but unfortunately the soloists aren’t credited.

Mark Alban Lotz (LopLop) “Solo Flutes

Mr. Lotz – all alone – all flutes. He strives to avoid sounding “the typical flutist” and succeeds through employing ‘extended techniques’ – whisper tones, multi-phonics (w/ voice), tongue slaps/stops..etc. All pieces recorded ‘in one go’ …live. Accomplished and imaginative performance.

Matthew Shipp (Thirsty Ear) “Art of the Improviser”

A 2 CD set documenting 2 different Live performances.  CD 1 by Mr. Shipp’s trio, CD 2 is solo piano. The music casts a wide stylistic and emotional net….one moment bright, later turning darker…but never offputting.  He is an original and engaging improvisor. Not easy, but rewarding.  Let him draw you in.

Antonio Adolfo (AAM) “Rio, Choro, Jazz….”

Senhor Adolfo and sextet present a jazzified homage to a giant of early Brasilian popular music…Ernesto Nazareth, who in the late 19th and early 20th century brought his classical training to bear in combining the music of the European colonizers (Polka, etc…) with Afro-Brasilian influences. He became the most prolific early composer of a uniquely […]

Brad Mehldau (Nonesuch) “Live in Marciac”

Solo piano performance in France, 2006. A mixture of originals and covers of old and new popular tunes and one of pure jazz pedigree (Dat Dere). With this wide ranging repertoire and his varied, inventive interpretations, he manages (in a 100+ minute program) to keep his audience captivated.  No mean feat.  Play all.

The Nels Cline Singers – “Macroscope”

Only in this modern electronic age could we have a guitarist present so many faces and futuristic sound colorations as are found here. The deceptively named trio (not singers) plus guests travel the sonic spaceways, reeling in a vast array of influences and references.  Jazz, Rock, Fusion, AfroRhythm….and back again….sometimes in the same piece.   […]

The Bad Plus (Masterworks) “The Rite Of Spring”

The popular trio pares down Stravinsky’s famous work and plays their album-length distillation of the score. No improvisation here.  The recording was done after more than 30 Live performances.  Considering the piece’s complexity, they’ve pulled off an intriguing interpretation.

Jessica Williams (Origin) “With Love”

A program of time-honored classics rendered with a focus more on emotional depth and less on technique and improvisation. She fulfills her desire to “simplify” while skillfully conveying the lyrical intent of each song.

Juan Garcia-Herreros, Snow Owl – “NORMAS”

Accomplished Colombian bassist and composer playing 6 string contrabass electric guitar.  There are pushing-the-envelope latin-jazz and more conventional jazz pieces here. The 1st track even stretches the 8 bar  traditional ‘clave’ into a 10 bar phrase for a rhythmic twist. Other details include a Balafon feature (trk. 2) and a solo Bass Clarinet  intro on […]

Matt Mitchell – “FICTION”

Philadelphia based pianist/composer’s debut recording.  These 15 pieces were conceived as ‘etudes’, short exercises meant to improve his ability to integrate improvisational techniques into his composed music. Angular, abstract and emphatically played as duos with percussionist Ches Smith.  Many are only 3 to 4 minutes long but dense with virtuosity and on-the-edge mentality.

Nashaz – “NASHAZ”

While taking a cab to a gig in his native New Orleans, the Egyptian driver suggested that guitarist  Brian Prunka should study the Oud…..a fateful suggestion that led to a profound immersion in the study of that instrument and the eastern music system known as Maqam. These jazz/Arabic crossover pieces by Brian beautifully capture the […]

Leonard Thompson – “WAYFARE”

Complete absence of bombast here. Apt descriptors would be; Lyrical, thoughtful, subtle, sophisticated. All composed by  Thompson, these pieces beckon your attention like a soft siren song.  Rewards listeners who appreciate nuance.

Tom Dempsey – “SAUCY’

Classic  guitar/B3 organ/drums trio with Mr. Dempsey’s style coming out of the Wes Montgomery/Grant Green lineage. 50/50 originals and covers. Fine playing.  Swingin’ and soulful.  

Kris Bowers – “Heroes and Misfits”

Debut from pianist/composer who won the Thelonious Monk Piano Competition in 2011, but this release offers a wider vision than a mere showcase for piano virtuosity. Kris draws on jazz , soul, urban , etc. The CD booklet features poems by his friend Jeremie Harris.  Kris Bowers was raised in L.A. and is a Julliard […]

Hristo Vitchev and Liubomir Krastev – “Rhodopa”

Duo of guitar/piano (H.V.) and clarinet (L.K.) bring Bulgarian folk roots to a restrained and, at times, melancholy program of originals and traditional Bulgarian music.  Tracks 5, 7 & 8 are more upbeat.

KROM- self titled

Energetic trio led by pianist/composer Adam Kromelow in an all original program incorporating rock/fusion influence. Slower, more gentle vibe on tracks 3 and 6.  More engaging music from the vibrant Brooklyn , NY scene.

Brad Whiteley Trio – “Pathless Land”

Alternating organ/piano tracks with guitar added on 4 of the organ features to conjure the classic sound of the organ/guitar groups of the 60’s and 70’s.  Good improv chops from Brad. Swinging and attractive interplay between the three players.  Pretty piano ballad on track 2 , while #4 is more impressionistic.  Nicely done.  Play all.

Moutin Factory Quintet – “Lucky People”

The French Twins,  François and Louis,  add three strong players from France’s jazz scene to present 9 Moutin originals and a tip-of-the-hat to Ornette.  Lots of reaching energy, at times edgy saxophonics and Metheny-esque guitar.

Tom Harrell – “Colors of a Dream”

Another well crafted project from Mr. Harrell who, if you like your jazz straight ahead, doesn’t disappoint.  Two bass players on this with Esperanza Spalding doing wordless vocals on some and singing Portuguese lyrics to one of Tom’s well known tunes; “Sail Away”  (‘ Velejar ‘)

Bryan and the Haggards – “Merle’s Just Want to Have Fun”

Avant jazz wackness meets country in an irreverent sounding but loving tribute to Merle Haggard, Bob Wills and others.  Wild ,  Wooly and FUN.

Paul Carlon – “La Rumba is a Lovesome Thing”

This is how Billy Strayhorn’s music might sound if he had been born in Cuba.  Features a full horn section, Yoruba sacred songs, fine Latin rhythm section and smart arrangements.  Vocals of well known  lyrics on 2,4,7 & 9 by Christelle Durandy and  more Cuban influenced singing on 1 & 2 by Pedrito Martinez.  ‘Strays’ […]

The New Gary Burton Quartet – “Guided Tour”

The acclaimed vibraphonist/composer/educator just turned 71 and this is  good documentation of his excellent new group and his own continuing energy. This is the group’s second release.  Each of the four players chip in a composition or three and tracks 4 and 5 are covers. All memorable performances.