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KELLY LEE OWENS – “KELLY LEE OWENS” (Smalltown Supersound)

Mixing deep clubby, electronic beats with haunting vocals and pop tendencies, this is a spectacular and unexpected CD for the dance-floor. FCC: Clean PLAY: 2, 3, 8 RIYL: Arthur Russell


Strings and light piano keys surround a calm, soothing voice on many of the tracks. The album is a little melancholy, nostalgic and sedated— there’s some good storytelling on here.  FCC: Clean PLAY: 1, 2, 4, 10  RIYL: Haux, Basia Bulat

TOMA – “AROMA” [self-released]

Playful but complex indie-pop from a group that is “dedicated to the art of pop songwriting.” Catchy, cheesy and breezy, this is a good album to listen to and sing and along with while you soak up some sun. FCC: Clean  PLAY: 1, 5, 6   RIYL: Of Montreal, Phoenix, Flaming Lips


With self-described “ethereal vocals and subdued guitars,” this album is sad, subtle, calm, acoustic, a little monotonous, and perfect for staying in bed and thinking about your ex. Still, it will probably will not bring you to tears. Play: 1, 4, 5  RIYL: James Vincent McMorrow, Connor Oberst, Laura Marling FCC: Clean

DAWN – “REDEMPTION” (Local Action Records)

Thoughtful, progressive dance jams. Sounds kind of empty at first lesson and almost too poppy—but overtime it holds its weight, for sure. DAWN is fun and futuristic. If you like easy, melodic pop but want something with substance, and thought provoking lyrics, give her a listen. RIYL: Sun Ra, Anna Kova. FCC: 2, 5, 7


She’s back, with that raw, cajoling twang. June’s latest release smacks of Tennessee, bluegrass, soul, folk and yearning. Her self-described “organic moonshine roots music” blends genres without getting messy, and drops wisdom without getting preachy. Steep a cup of rooibos and listen. FCC: Clean Play: 3, 7, 9, 12 RIYL: Rhiannon Giddens, Lucinda Williams