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Steve Jr. “Steve Jr.”

What can I say about Steve Jr…. just that they are very very good and rock so hard you can’t believe what’s going on half the time. Their live shows are insane and now you can experience the heavy insanity in your own living room. With their mix of drums and guitar they create a […]

“The Now Sound For Today’s Lovers” / ” Turn Of The Century” A Split from Jerry Paper and Andy Boay

Two albums for the packaging and promo material of one!! Once again Jerry Paper shines with his smooth and distinct pop sound. Aptly titled “The Now Sound For Today’s Lovers” is four tracks of beautiful blippy, bloppy, real, (sometimes) uplifting, and sincere love songs. Each carries with it that Jerry Paper feel and a groove […]

Jerry Paper “Feels Emotions”

Listening to Jerry Paper is like having a wave of sad man boogie emotions wash over you. He gets to the core of what it means to be human, what it means to love a very special cat, what it means to be from another world, a different world, a different dimension (the 11th to be more specific). His […]

Cherry Glazerr “Haxel Princess”

Get ready to shake and shimmy your rump to this one. Cherry Glazerr’s newest release Haxel Princess is filled with dreamy vocals, light ethereal guitar riffs, a heavy dose of upbeat fun. This sophomore album has a similar vibe to their earlier release Papa Cremp (also released on Burger Records) but with this new album the band […]