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Cheryl Cawood – Bullet in the Cabin Wall

Cheryl shares the journey of her family history. Her great great grandfather was indigenous to the Cherokee. My favorite song on this album was ‘Running Out of Time’. Her music is very much story telling and rooted in deep emotion.

Canetis – Chasing Moonlight

My favorite track on this album was ‘Daydreamer’. This music is the perfect mix of guitar, drums and singing. This band was formed in Buffalo, New York in 2019. Since their formation in 2019 they have had the chance to perfect their alternative rock style. This is a band that is signed with Admirable Traits […]

Gregg Hill – Born Liar

This is a fairly upbeat country like album that features a guitar, banjo, and vocals, however some songs especially later in the album are much less upbeat. My favorite songs in the album include, ‘Clinging to the Wind’ and ‘Anyway’. This music is very relaxing. Some songs like ‘Anyway’ feature sections of music that have […]

Bob Jones/Louis Jones/Stephen Peppos – 50/80: 50 years in 80 minutes

This album describes the artists experience over the past 50 years in an 80 minute album. This music acts as a snapshot of history over the years. My personal favorite songs from the album are ‘Springtime Lady’ and ‘Too much to Bear’. The interesting combination of music styles work well together to tell the story […]

Taylor Rae – Mad Twenties

The artist Taylor Rae is originally from California but now lives in Texas. I would recommend the songs ‘Fixer Upper’ and ‘Home on the Road’, however all songs on this album are worth a listen. This album is relaxing but slightly upbeat. This album is an album using multiple styles that addresses the life struggles […]