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Crossing the Americas

Lovely collection of modern mandolin and guitar works. Play!

Regards de Femmes

Solo piano pieces by women composers, from classical era forward. Play!

Robert Kyr–In Praise of Music

Choral works, slow, churchly.

Clarinet Works by David Maslanka–The Red Door

Abstract works for clarinet + accompaniment, play most!

Christopher Leuba, Horn

Gracious, modern works for horn and piano. Play!

Polarities Vol. 2

Vigorous and lyrical works for large ensemble & orchestra, hence the title.

Craig Ogden in Concert

Covering musical eras, Baroque onward, some well-known classical guitar works.

Paris, La Belle Epoque

Flute + piano works from France’s “Golden Age” (1870-1914), lovely and lyrical works, many well-known and impressionistic.

Avishai Cohen–Two Roses

Recognized for his jazz works, this album is an exploration with symphony–jazz + smooth vocals + symphony. Definitely hybrid.

Honneger, Gliere, Wassilenko…Trumpet Works

Selina Ott & En-Chia Lin perform these modern works for trumpet & piano. Some lovely works here.

Eleanor Alberga–Wild Blue Yonder

Contemporary, long works for duos or ensembles–really interesting!

William Bland–Piano Sonatas

Kevin Gorman performs these lovely works, composed in 2007 & 2010. Play!

Fantasy–Oppens Plays Kaminsky

Contemporary piano works with interesting variations, tinkling, staccato and lyrical.


Very good cello/piano/electronics, minimalist but varied rhythmically and lyrical. Play!

Joseph M. Levin–Spirits of Sunset

Abstract, contemporary works for winds + strings, inspired by immigration. Play!

Guy Bergeron–A New Beginning

Contemporary solo guitar, very lyrical and quiet.

Sky Rings

Interesting clarinet & electronics works, slow, meandering.

James Caldwell–Pocket Music

The composer’s original compositions were using items found in his pocket. These are expanded with other non-pocket items–definitely different.

Fine Arts Brass Quintet

Originally releases in 1980, modern works, varied. Play!


Works for harp or transcribed for, Baroque on. Play!

American Discoveries

Previously unrecorded modern works by women composers, found in the Fleischer Library in Philadelphia, varied in style and time of composition.

Diego Conti– Music for Violin & Piano

Contemporary works, either quiet or strong, all abstract.

Robert Moran–Buddha Goes to Bayreuth

Chorus + chamber orchestra–long and solemn. Sample.

Tom Johnson–Counting to Seven

Counting to 7 in veery different languages, little music.

Double Echo–New Guitar Concertos from the Americas

Modern & contemporary pieces for guitar and chamber orchestra by Kernis,. Piazzolla & Sierra. Play!