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The Karpinka Brothers- Talk is Cheap (self-released)

These artists hail from Saskatchewan, Canada and the stereotypical Canadian niceness and positivity is very present in their music. Recording and production for the album was done by grammy-nominated Howard Bilerman, who was effective at creating a happy album full of nostalgic rock sound. Play all

Summer Heart- 101 (Perfect Texture)

This electronic/dream pop album is upbeat and summery, fitting for the band’s name. According to the Swedish solo artist, the album is supposed to tell a love story, as seen in the oscillation between tales of love and struggle sung over danceable beats. Recommend tracks 1, 3, 7, PLAY ALL!

Madeline Kenney- Night Night At the First Landing (Company Records)

Featuring soaring vocals over excellent production, this indie rock album is a beautiful collaboration between Kennedy and Toro y Moi’s Chaz Bear. The overall sound is dreamy and atmospheric, and reflects album’s cover of a serene picture of the night sky.  PLAY ALL!

Baby Jesus- Took Our Sons Away (Yippee Ki Yay Records)

This album is high-energy and pure rock and roll. The Swedish band has a clear 60’s rock sound, but their punk inspiration is also easily identifiable from this album. The lyrics are growled over the guitar and the beat is undeniably danceable. PLAY ALL- huge fan!

James Vincent McMorrow- True Care (James Mahogany Books ltd.)

This album is a masterful combination of a variety of synths, piano, and guitar. The work was similar to/reminiscent of that of artists including Bon Iver and S. Carey. As a whole, McMorrow’s use of synths and harmony creates a sound that is both mysterious and soothing; the slow nature of the songs allows for […]

The Lovely Bad Things- Teenage Grownups

This energetic album is largely alternative rock, but tracks like the opener “I’ll Listen” and #7 clearly point to punk influences. The album consists of lots of guitar and head-banging tunes which are intermittent with some slower ballads including #11 “Glow Buddy.” As a whole, the balance between the different sounds is effective at giving […]