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Liam Bailey- Definitely Now

Liam Bailey, a soul singer from England who co-wrote and performed “Blind Faith” with Chase & Status (which reached the top 5 in the UK in 2011), released his debut album Definitely Now this summer. Bailey himself described the album as “heavy soul, duppy rock”. Strong blues, reggae and rock presence throughout the album, consistently […]

Chris Staples – American Soft (Barsuk)

Chris Staples, formerly of the indie rock band Twothirtyeight, releases his sixth solo album, American Soft. Staples has a distinctive gentle and raspy voice which he joins with talented guitar melodies. Easy going (and occasionally repetitive lyrics) give off a comforting yet soulful vibe. Grittier in some tracks than others (track 7). Recommend especially tracks […]

Johanna Samuels- Double Bind

Johanna Samuels is a New Yorker raised in Los Angeles, who kicked off her career upon her return to New York when she was 18 in 2007. Double Bind, her debut album, showcases her jazzy vocals over piano-driven melodies, occasional synthesizer presence (track 4), and quirky lyrical storylines. Reminiscent of 1960s lounge singers. Recommend especially […]