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O’Death Out of Hands We Go

Haunting vocals with fiddle and banjo.  Very easy to listen to.  Full of talent. Try 1,2,3,10,11

J.E. Sunde

Wonderfully simple acoustic folk with great depth, pleasing vocals and harmonies that harken to the 70’s. Slightly religious FYI. Easy to listen to FCC 0 Try 1,2,3,9,10 RIYL Milk Carton Kids, Simon and Garfunkel

Corey Cranston, Sacred Sound

LOCAL Corey’s most diverse album to date. Comprised of 3 differed projects. Spiritual and haunting, to extremely meditative.  Takes you on an introspective journey.  Shows the growth of Corey’s musical talent and taste. FCC:0 Try: 3,4,7,10

Colin Clary, Twee Blues

Local! A Very happy feel with many catchy, toe-tapping tunes that you’ll want to hear over and over again. Much of the album was premiered on the air at WRUV on Mouthful of Cavities last year.  This record is a ton of fun. try: 2 3 4 9 13 15 ALL!

People Skills, People Are People Too

3 piece ‘garage’ rock band from Portsmouth NH.  Chelsea is a power house behind the mic and guitar. Full of energy and talent.  Can’t wait to hear where these 3 people go! try: 2 3 5 10

Phish, Fuego

Phish’s 12th studio album & first in 5 years.  The boys seem to be having more fun these days.  Heavy orchestration throughout, and even more collaboration than every before.  A solid album that is worth the listen. Try: 1 2 7 8 9 RIYL: Phish

moe. , No Guts, No Glory

My favorite moe. album in many years.  I feel like this is a return to classic moe. that we all have come to know and love. In your face Rock that gets your head bobbing and feet moving.  Middle of the album has a bluegrass feel; no doubt Al’s influence from Floodwood.  A few nice, […]

Let’s Whisper, As Close As We Are

Local! Let’s Whisper’s 4th album.  Now a trio; Colin Clary, Dana Kaplan, Brad Searles.  Easy Indie pop that is (as always) fun and happy.  “all of our songs are love songs” Pleasant vocal harmonies and really a ton of fun! Try:4,6,7,8 <—my fav!

Crazyhearse – Holy Water and Gin

LOCAL  An older release that is new to WRUV.  It’s a primer for their upcoming new album.  Very fun.  Again, I dare you not to move while listening. FCC #6 (too bad, it’s hilarious ) Try: everything else…

Zephrus – Liquid Sun

LOCAL  Zephrus’ 2nd studio release.  Lots of depth and range of tempos.  The guys are getting tighter, more adventurous, and all around growing into an even better band.  Taking Prog rock, classic rock, and a bit of jam to a higher level. FCC: clean RIYL:  Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Solid rock n roll Try:3, 6, […]

Gang of Thieves – Thunderfunk

LOCAL   Fantastic album! Catches you right off the bat on track 1.  Gang of Thieves takes Alice in Chains, Rage Against the Machine, Sublime, and P-Funk; throws it all together and comes up with their own special brand of AWESOME.  I DARE you to listen without moving.  Seriously. FCC #9 RIYL: Alice in Chains, Rage, […]

The Howlin’ Brothers – Trouble

The Howlin’ Brothers 2nd studio release.  A bit of a ‘let down’ compared to their first release Howl, but still plenty of energy to go ’round.  A fun listen with great talent to entertain.  They move closer to country with this release than previous. FCC clean Try3 9

The Howlin’ Brothers, The Sun Studio Session

More great backwoods bluegrass country blues from these guys.  Great musicians, good feel, very enjoyable. Play ALL!

Crazyhearse; IV

LOCAL.  Great Rock ‘n Roll, lots of fun, great talent.  Good to dance to.  Check ’em out! try all (except 1 on air) FCC: 1

Maria Gillard; Mending

Classic acoustic folk/bluegrass.  light and pleasant female vocals, somewhat sad.  mostly balads and down tempo tracks. Sax on #5  

Shawn Taylor; Home

“…new, barebones acoustic americana with a heart and a mind on home.” Easy to listen to . Harmonica and Acoustic guitar. New version of Swing Low. try: 8,11

Brendan Kelley; Quicksand

Country Rock to Country Pop. Sounds like he’d be great to see live. Lots of energy. RIYL: Nickleback Try: 1,7,8

Annalivia; The Same Way Down

Folk, Bluegrass with a Celtic flair.  Harmonious vocals.  #5 instumental

Marshall / Peery Project; Life’s Too Short

Country Rock into Straight up country.  Talent, Some Dancing Tunes.  Reminds me of Clapton and Keller Williams. Try, 2,4,11 (4 says bitch)

The Howlin Brothers; Howl

The Quintessential backwoods bluegrass album/band.  Tons of energy, talent, and fun.  Makes me want to dance. FUN! Try: All!

Ruth Moody – These Wilder Things

Folk > Country.  Pleasant female vocals, acoustic guitar, fiddle.  Comes out of the gate with lots of energy, then slows down to a much more mellow album.  Pretty. FCC: 0 TRY: 1,3,10

The Jones Family Singers – The Spirit Speaks

Gospel, energy filled soul.  Wonderful vocals. Religious (is that redundant? Probably…) RIYL: God 🙂 FCC: 0 TRY: 2,6

The Four Legged Faithful: Regret & Resolve

GREAT acoustic folk/americana/bluegrass 4 piece band from mass.  Talented musicians playing a large array of musical instruments; Banjo, guitar, piano, upright bass, woodwinds, etc….  Easy Sunday afternoon relaxation music. RIYL: Tinderbox, Bela Fleck Try: ALL! FCC: 0

Steafan Hanvey: Nuclear Family

Rock with a Folk feel.  Fiddles, guitars, emotional vocals.  some vocal effects on harder tracks.  Get’s kind of trancy at times. N. Ireland native. Try: 1,6,7,8,10 FCC: 0

Heather Maloney: Heather Maloney

Country/Folk   Warbly female vocals, some nice dancing tunes.  Goes from full electric band to acoustic guitar and vocals. RIYL: Dolores O’Riordan, Natalie Merchant Try: 2,3,9