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Alice Phoebe Lou – Open My Door

Label: Self-Released Incredible new single released by Alice Phoebe Lou. The piano melodies give the piece a sort of oldies, jazzy feel, but the vocals and percussion bring the song to a modern indie rock genre. Open My Door features unbelievably beautiful lyrics centering around self-reflection. RIYL: Adrianne Lenker, Billie Marten, Lucy Dacus, Kate Bollinger […]

Palace – How Far We’ve Come

Label: Fiction Records (Universal Music Operations Limited) Palace’s newest release includes two new singles, “How Far We’ve Come”, and “All We’ve Ever Wanted”. Like most of Palace’s work, the songs have a very dreamy, spacey vibe driven by a repetitive but strong drum beat. These tracks have a bit more of a darker feel compared […]

Indigo DeSouza – All of This Will End

label: Saddle Creek Indigo DeSouza’s new album is fast-paced and full of rage and reflections. All of this will end is a nice follow-up to DeSouza’s previous albums and has the same tones. Great listen! RIYL: Samia, Slow Pulp, Wednesday, Lucy Dacus Start With: 4, 5 FCC: 1, 2, 6, 7 (must censor if played)

Matt Maltese – Driving Just To Drive

Label: Nettwerk Music Group Matt Maltese’s newest release, Driving Just to Drive, is full of purposeful lyrics and strong vocal melodies. The tracks are super catchy and easy to listen to, while also attacking deep themes. Lots of low piano chords and leading drum beats. RIYL: Billie Marten, Father John Misty, Lizzy Mcalpine, FCC: 6 […]

Oracle Sisters – Hydranism

Label: 22Twenty The Oracle Sisters’ new album features strong, tinny piano and doubled vocals, all contributing to retro 70s-rock-esque ballads. Strong rhythmic drum fills and dancy electric guitar is also included on most tracks. Super fun album ranging from deep, reflective tracks to dancy, jam tracks. FCC: none! RIYL: Drug Dealer, Flyte, Peach Pit Start […]

Kevin Atwater – Downer’s Grove

Label: self-released RIYL: Conan Gray, Phoebe Bridgers, Isabel Pless, Lizzy Mcalpine  FCC: 9 Start with: 1, 5 Incredibly honest and emotional EP from singer/songwriter Kevin Atwater. Downer’s Grove brings clean layered harmonies to sharp beats, synth, and guitar. The songs center around Atwater’s experience growing up in his hometown. According to an Instagram post from […]

Elly Kace – Object Permanence [Bright Silly Things]

Elly Kace’s new album object permanence is full of strong harmonies, long echoey synths, and unpredictable melodies. The songs are almost hymn-like with building harmonies and slow tempos. Very reflective and meditative. Label: Bright Silly Things Start w/ 10, 1, 3 FCC: Clean RIYL: Mitski, Tristen,

Make Believe – Garrett Bryan and the Travelling City Committee (Fulton Amusement)

In their third album, Garrett Bryan and the Traveling City Committee take listeners through the story of two people. The album is full of powerful production and folky melodies. Some tracks are upbeat and rhythmic with building vocals, while others are more stripped down.  Track Picks: 4, 3 FCC: Clean RIYL: Chris Stapleton, The Head […]

It Is Lighter Than You Think – Silver Liz (Extremely Pure)

Silver Liz is the musical project of couple Carrie and Matt Wagner, known for their exploration of a variety of genres. This album primarily features soft doubled-vocal melodies over loud guitar and drums to create the classic indie rock sound. The tracks range from big, loud, complexly-produced, songs to reflective tracks with layered vocals and […]

All Is Quiet – Susan Cattaneo (Susan Cattaneo/Jersey Girl Music LLC)

All is Quiet is a melancholic album with clear vocals over acoustic guitar melodies. All of the songs use poetic lyrics and slow-building harmonies to create the mood. Simplistic but effective production with a folk, singer-songwriter feel.  Track Picks: 1, 2, 7 FCC: Clean RIYL: Indigo Girls, Brandy Carlile, Crosby Stills & Nash

Deanna Petcoff – To Hell With You, I Love You (Royal Mountain Records)

To Hell With You, I Love You, uses somber lyrics to create a mix of rageful and heartbreaking tracks. Deanna Petcoff’s album is full of emotion and has lots of variety. Her voice stands out on each track, though some are backed behind gritty guitar and drums and others are voice and piano alone.  Track […]