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Dragon Inn 3// Double Line [American Laundromat Records]

Dragon Inn 3’s first album definitely brings back 80’s synth pop. A bit of a 21st century electronic twist. FCC: None Play: 2 RIYL: Cyndi Lauper

Dizzy// Baby Teeth [Royal mountain records]

First studio album by dizzy, a group made of three brothers and their vocalist fresh out of Canada. Very indie pop, female vocals, electronically produced. Very similar sound to Maggie rogers if you like her! FCC: None Play: 3, 4 RIYL: Maggie Rogers

Astronauts, etc. // Living in Symbol [Company Records]

Soft rock, almost lo-fi sounding album from Astronauts, etc. Astronauts, etc. is Anthony Ferraro’s solo project, and Toro y Moi helps to produce his albums! Male vocals, lots of synth, very easy listening. Check it out, I really liked this one! FCC: None Play: 2, 5, 10 RIYL: Beach Fossils, Night Moves, Toro y Moi

Paul Givant// Fashion District Adjacent [Self-released]

Soft rock album with a touch of country and folk. As the album title suggests, most of Givant’s lyrics revolve around the struggles of living in the big city, as well as heartbreak.  Soft acoustic guitar rifts, male vocals. FCC: 1, 7 Play: 4, 5 RIYL: Johnny Cash, Dr. Dog

Tuung// Songs you make at night [Full Time Hobby]

With music they’ve self dubbed as “folktronica,” Tuung gives us another studio album. A pleasant mix of electronic sounds with soft, harmonious male and female vocals. As the album title suggests, its the type of music you could listen to at night for hours. FCC: None Play: 4 RIYL: Jai Paul

Thee Oh Sees// Smote Reverser [Castle Face]

The fourteenth studio-released album from Thee Oh Sees marks a further delving into their garage-punk sound, but this time with a lot of new twists. Some tracks feature jazzy harmonica and bass, strong foot pedal work, etc. Lots of experimentation. Every song sounds completely different. Album comes across a bit strange at first listen, but […]

Honyock// El Castillo [Friendship Fever]

Honyock’s first studio album features music they describe personally as “peyote-tonk.” Very pleasant, light rock directly reminiscent of Dr. Dog. Male vocals, soft guitar rifts, mild percussion, and some SICK bass. Give these guys a listen, I’m sure they’ll have more for the indie rock scene in the future. FCC: None Play: 2, 3, 5 […]

Michael nau// Micheal nau & the mighty thread [light in the attic records]

Third studio album from Micheal Nau features a singer-songwriter vibe with influences from folk and psychedelic music. Deep, strong male vocals very similar to the National. Really enjoyed this one, give it a listen FCC: none Play: 2, 4 RIYL:  Kurt Vile, The Decemberists, the National

Shy Boys// Bell House [Polyvinyl Record Co]

Second studio album from Shy Boys features upbeat and beachy pop rock. Light guitar rifts, really nice male vocals. Very reminiscent of early Vampire Weekend. Give this one a listen! FCC: None Play: 3, 5 RIYL: The Walters, Vampire Weekend

Bodega// Endless Scroll [What’s your rupture?]

Really unique first studio album from Bodega! Very harsh male (female on a few tracks) vocals with lyrics making puns/ comments about our present day society. All the songs are quite short but say a lot, check it out! FCC: 5 Play: 4, 7 RIYL: The Front Bottoms, Varsity

THNDR// Plus [self-released]

THNDR’s first studio-released album features early 2000’s pop rock. Ethereal male vocals strong guitar rifts, wavy percussion. FCC: None Play: 2 RIYL: Maroon 5

Ghost Wagon// Crooked and Dark [Self-released]

Small band out of the midwest gives us a nice, simple folk rock album, very Tom Petty-esque.   FCC: 3,7 Play: 4 10 RIYL: Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty

Steven J Push// the Road [Self-released]

Simple country album, male vocals, some harmonica, classic rock guitar rifts. Very run of the mill FCC: None Play: 2 RIYL: John Mayer, Florida Georgia Line

Bilge Rat// Pal [Bee Side Cassettes]

Sad, indie rock album that meets lo-fi. Dark lyrics, heavy guitar and drums, male vocalists. FCC: None Play: 1, 6 RIYL: Teen Suicide, Elvis Depresedly, Blink 182

Foxtrott// Meditations II [One Little Indian]

Montreal based artist combining reggae, classical music, and hip hop. Very unique music that doesn’t sound like anything I’ve heard before, check it out FCC: None Play: All RIYL: Jai Paul  

Cary Brothers// Bruises [Procrastination Music]

Feel good, upbeat rock reminiscent of the 80s. FCC: None Play: 3 RIYL: Howie Day  

Donnie Law// Clouds keep repeating [Sniffing Indie Kids Records]

Really pleasant, singer-songwriter indie rock EP from Donnie Law. Male vocals, soft guitar. Nice soft listen on the ears. Play this to slow things down a bit. FCC: None Play: 2, 5 RIYL: The Walters, Sufjan Stevens

El Ten Eleven// Banker’s Hill [Topshelf]

All instrumental album, featuring some really wavy bass and guitar, strong percussion, and lots of work with foot petals. Very funky and eclectic, really worth a listen! FCC: None Play: 1 RIYL: Ratatat  

Lucero// Among the Ghosts [Liberty & Lament]

Memphis-based Lucero’s ninth studio album, hard rock with a strong country twang. Male vocalist. Nice piano on some tracks. Give it a listen if you’re into country! FCC: None Play: 3, 4 RIYL: Tom Petty  

Clearance// At Your Leisure [Topshelf]

Second studio album from Clearance, soft guitar and male vocals. Very mainstream soft rock, a little something for anyone! FCC: None Play: 2, 9 RIYL: Whitney, Ben Gibbard, Pavement

Guts Club// Trench foot [self-released]

Really rocking, singer-songwriter album from Guts Club. Strong, almost country sounding female vocals and soft instrumentals. FCC: 2 Play: 4, 9 RIYL: Fever Dolls, Lady Lamb, Courtney Barnett

Claire Morales// All that wanting [self-released]

Second studio album from Claire Morales. Features strong and haunting female vocals, as the album cover suggests. Beautiful instrumentals as well. Really recommend playing this one if you like ladies rocking! FCC: None Play: 3, 10 RIYL: Florence and the Machine, Lady Lamb

virginia wing// ecstatic arrow [fire records]

Experimental pop with strong female vocals, some songs almost sound jazzy while others feature more experimental sounds reminiscent of Bon Iver. FCC: None Play: 2, 7 RIYL:  Maggie Rogers, Bon Iver

The Ramona Flowers// Strangers [Distiller Records LLP]

One of the Ramona Flowers many albums, very dream pop-y with light electric guitar and synth beats. Very high spirited, something for everyone FCC: None Play: 3, 6 RIYL: Passion Pit,

Krrum// Honeymoon [+1 Records/ 37 Adventures]

Krrum’s first studio album borders on electronic, unique percussion, vaguely reminiscent of 80s rock, dreamy vocals. Play if you want something different! FCC: None Play: 1, 8 RIYL: NoMBe, The Palms