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Atik- Soundcloud Freebie Collection

Atik is a new force to be reckoned with in the bass music world. From Pefki, Greece, Atik’s highly percussive rhythms and middle-eastern sounding harmonies make his music more than just something you’ll hear once then forget about. All his songs take the usual build and drop form of popular dance music, and mixes in […]

Two Fingers- Six Rhythms

Brazilian mastermind Amon Tobin has returned with his fearsome bass happy side project. His thumping grooves and intricate, developing harmonies work together to form “dance music” that creeps into your mind and stays. His creative process and themes from his other projects, like Isam, can also be heard as it still sounds as though we’re […]

Shlump- Fracture

Shlump is at it again with his bass-heavy and mind-warping semantics. For those of you who have heard his previous EPs, this album further defines his style of deep reaching basslines while experimenting with wobbles in every direction and all the bleeps and bloops you could ever want. From floating in space or an ocean, […]

Command Q- We Are Animals

The latest sound smashing duo from Australia is sure to leave you shaking. Erin on writes, “There is musics in here I ain’t never done heard before. Mad Props gents, stutter scream in the intro straight fire.” Combining kicking bass, punchy snares, and loud syncopated synth murders, COMMAND Q has opened the door to […]

David Starfire- Karuna

Not only did David Starfire get an all-expense paid trip to Thailand, but through Crowdsourcing he produced an album incorporating his psy-dub sound with classical instruments played by Burmese Refugees. Not only is there a seamless blend of these two seemingly different music styles, but each track borrows themes and ideas from another making the […]

RUN DMT- Duckface EP

RUN DMT (AKA John Robbins) is back at it with a quick selection of tracks that encompass some of the more popular “EDM” subgenres, all while maintaining his style of grimy, glitched harmonies and distorted vocal samples set to drops that make the Machine Elves rave all night. You’ll definitely need a subwoofer or good […]

Shlump- Various EPs

The latest 3 EPs from the laid-back, bugged-out Shlump. In contrast to the recently reviewed Shell Shock Legends, this is actually “music people would listen to” since it’s “not like being yelled at”. The newly evolving genre Future Bass is the best way to describe this. Spacey blips and bloops grounded with some deep bass […]

V.A.- Shell Shock Legends (Fire Power Records)

To commemorate his label’s 100th release, Datsik collected some of the current heavy hitters in Dubstep and Bass Music. This music is definitely not for the faint of heart. There is a thick blend of robots fighting and hot fire hiphop lyrics that even the Pope would rock to. Crank up the Bass, and play […]

DJ Snake- King of Bass

DJ Snake- King of Bass (Youngsta Records/SoSouth) Before getting turnt and low, DJ Snake was known for producing thick and experimental hip-hop beats with a backbone of heavy bass. Released in 2006, you can hear the influences and sounds that would later propel Snake into the limelight in 2012 with the production of Lady Gaga’s […]

DJ Qbert- Extraterrestria

DJ Qbert- Extraterrestria (Thud Rumble) DJ Qbert returns to follow up his first acclaimed release from 15 years ago. From his website “Several years in the making, Extraterrestria is a wide collection of various types of music from other planets and dimensions from around the galaxy” Songs are all intricately pieced together hip-hop beats overlayed […]

V.A- All Trap Music Vol 2 (AEI Media)

(Obvious) follow-up to Volume 1. A lot more heaving hitting lines in this compilation than the first. Similar to the first, the producers are pretty well known, but these songs are guaranteed to get the party bumping FCC: CD1: 2,3, CD2: 7,8,9,10,11,14

V.A- All Trap Music Vol 2 (AEI Media)

(Obvious) follow-up to Volume 1. A lot more heaving hitting lines in this compilation than the first. Similar to the first, the producers are pretty well known, but these songs are guaranteed to get the party bumping.  These compilations are great for mixes FCC: 2,3,23,24,25,26,27,30

V.A- All Trap Music Vol 1 (AEI Media)

There are “Jazz Standards”, “Orchestra Standards”, “Classical Standards”, and now Trap Standards. Volume 1 is primarily the more minimalistic Trap, with fat bass and reverb like nobody’s business. Quite a few “turnt” songs thrown in also. Lots of familiar names and solid hits in the tracklist. FCC: 5,6,7,13,18,20,21 Track 1 has a questionable beginning

Mix Master Mike- Eye of the Cyclops (Asphodel Records)

More music from the Serial Wax Killer. Broken down into 4 suites, Mix Master Mike tells the story of intergalactic warfare with 2 turntables. Every song is choc full of samples that have been cut up in every possible way, then laid down into mesmerizing beats. Fun fact: Mike believes he has contacted aliens with […]

Vibesquad- Bass Love (Vibesquad Recordings)

More of that experimental Vibesquad for your ears to enjoy. In this album, Vibesquad utilizes space and bass to create simple, laid back, and enjoyable grooves and rhythms. He opened some shows for Bassnectar in 2012, so this album is more than just the same thing every other electronic artist with a Macbook is doing. […]

Reuben Wilson- Boogaloo to the Beastie Boys (Scufflin’ Records)

Reuben Wilson, along with many other jazz musicians, explore the possibilities of jazz remixes of Beastie Boys songs in this album. Album is a very cool concept since many early Hip Hop groups were influenced by Jazz, so it’s nice to see a hip-hop influenced jazz album. Try out: 1, 2, 4, 5

Destroid- The Invastion (Destroid Records)

The Invasion is a collaboration between Excision, Downlink, and Space Laces. Album kind of has a storyline of “an unknown force conquering the universe”. Songs are all pretty hardcore and Dubsteppy. All the various featured artists add their own taste to the album. FCC: 4 Try out: 2, 5, 6, 7 Track 1 is good, […]

DJ Muggs- Bass in Your Face (Ultra Recordings)

As Colonel Ackbar would say, “It’s a trap!” Songs are generally on the more hardcore and darker side of Dubstep/EDM. Lots of reverb, thick beats, and loud synths. DJ Muggs has been around since the early 90’s (Soul Assassins, beats for Cypress Hill), so he knows his way around a digital recording studio FCC: 1, […]