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Retrospective CD celebrating the 50-year recording career of a Brazilian legend.  However, this artist is still in her prime.  An album which revisits and reinterprets old samba and bossa nova classics, this is a delight from first song to last.  Wonderful melodies, superb production, and the warmth and supple musicality of Joyce’s voice make this […]


This is the latest release from an ongoing collaborative “world fusion” project.  Its website describes itself as “the #1 charting world music education site,” and you can find a store for CDs and books there, a schedule of concerts and workshops, electronic promo kit detailing over 25 different concert programs, bios on all the musicians, information […]

Plasmodium — Clairaudience (Electric Cowbell)

This is a reissued (and remastered) CD that first appeared in 2004.  Improvisational and playful, it defies genre-typing.  At times jazzy rock with psychedelic influences, at other times experimental, the whole is a varied and interesting mix that (for me) doesn’t always quite hit the mark, but when it does it’s an enjoyable ride. The […]

FatDog — New Found Land (Riverboat)

Jazz trio Fattigfolket and folk trio Doggerland found themselves on stage together at the end of a Swedish festival in 2011, and decided to make a record — as FatDog.  The members of the band are from Sweden, Norway, and England, and they play in folk styles from a number of different European traditions.  There […]

David Gray – Mutineers (Good Soldier Songs)

Gray’s tenth studio release is typically introspective and harmonically rich, often orchestral in conception.  The lush, atmospheric production that has characterized his music since 1998’s hugely successful White Ladder is further in evidence here.  A number of these appealingly begin in stillness and add percussion further along.  The strongest tracks for me are 10 and […]

We Are Hex – W.D.M.R.S. / Tongues 7″ (Latest Flame)

Indianapolis foursome whose Facebook info defines their genre as “stop it” and their current location as “BEWARE.”  Post punk, noise rock, doom metal: this four-track CD is densely layered, spooky, intense.  The first track (“W.D.M.R.S.”) refers to the song “Withcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls” from the 1960s band Coven (who apparently signed their record […]

Sean Flinn & The Royal We – The Lost Weekend (Glad I Did Recordings)

Second album from Portland, Oregon foursome.  This is consistently musical, melodically strong Americana that shifts in styles and instrumentation (strings and trumpet, along with additional vocals and percussion, appear).  Founded in 2010, they made an extensive tour of Europe in 2011 with the Parisian band Herman Dune.  Try number 3 (the first track in the […]


Duo from Portland, Oregon: George Veech sings lead and plays mandolin, Jess Anderly sings backing and plays a six-string electric cello.  They describe their music alternately as “Americana doom pop,” “punkgrass,” or “graveyard stomp,” which gives a good idea of its genre-crossing nature.  It’s bluesy folk with lyrics that probe somewhat darker or stranger terrain. […]


Acoustic singer-songwriter who formed the Discover America project — and formerly of Twothirtyeight — here with his third full-length commercial solo release.  Pared-down, gentle, introspective songs, most with only guitar accompaniment and very simple percussion.  The lyrics are spare too, understated throughout.  There are some nice melodies which often take more than one listen to […]