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Alberta Cross-ALBERTA CROSS (Dine Alone)

The third full length album from Alberta Cross is a great indie folk-rock album. Recorded in Brooklyn and Woodstock, NY, the latter being fitting as you can hear The Band’s influence across the album. Having split ways with all the other original members, Alberta Cross is essentially Sweden’s Peter Ericson Stakee and a rotating cast […]


The first full length album from Baltimore’s Sun Club is a whirlwind of sonic exploration that starts fast and never lets up. Sounds like a punk band who spent their time at the beach being influenced by everyone from the Beach Boys to the Pixies to Animal Collective. An enjoyable album with interesting time changes […]

Eliza Rickman-FOOTNOTES FOR THE SPRING (Self-Released)

The second full length album ¬†from Eliza Rickman which showcases her hauntingly high voice that carries such a sweetness to it while always having a touch of sadness tucked somewhere deep within. Diverse arrangements highlighted by Jason Webley’s strings are accompanied by a multitude of other instruments from a vast array of musicians, giving each […]