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The Original Blues Brothers Band- “The Last Shade Of Blue Before Black”

“The Last Shade Of Blue Before Black” is the 16th release in the Blues Brother’s catalog. Although many years have passed since their Saturday Night Live debut 39 years ago, and a few founding members (most famously John Belushi) are dead, some core members are still very much alive and deliver a smokey, power house […]

Slaughter Beach, Dog- “Birdie”

Birdie is Jake Ewald’s (co-frontman of Modern Baseball) second full length solo release under the moniker Slaughter Beach, Dog. The album, though simplistic at times, is a fun combination of emo, story-telling esque lyrics over folky instrumentation. The album isn’t the greatest work ever produced (even in the emo, punk scene), but overall it’s charming […]

King Krule- “The OOZ”

The OOZ is Archy Marshall’s second full-length release under the moniker King Krule. The record is emotionally raw. And the lyrics vary from lines of self-loathing to dealing with anxiety. The instrumental aspect of the album is the typical soundscapey, experimental synth sounds we have come to expect from Marshall. The record, although at times […]

Alvvays- “Antisocialites”

This album shows a slight departure from the bands original sound as displayed on their debut album. Moving away from their more punk roots, the band includes glittery synths and delves into dream-pop, surf sounds, which was only hinted at on their first release. Featuring the soft, clean, female vocals, that Alvvays has been known […]

Camp Cope- Self-Titled

Camp Cope material originated as solo works by the lead singer and guitarist Georgia Maq, who has been independently releasing material since 2014. The music can be broadly classified as indie-punk. But it is so much more than that. The lyrics are quirky and real. Each of the songs tell a story, and the way […]

Mount Kimbie- “Love What Survives”

Within a few seconds of listening to the first track, “Four Years and One Day,” I can already tell Mount Kimbie have reached a more mature and complex sound. Throughout this album, all traces of their original dubstep roots are gone and what’s left is a style verging on post-rock. This album is filled with […]

The National- “Sleep Well Beast”

This is The National’s 7th studio album, and although the band continues to include many elements they have come to be known for (moody, soft spoken lyrics; complex drum patterns; detached, melodic guitar riffs) they attempt to push some of their own boundaries on this album and experiment with new effects. This album is definitely […]

Los Angeles Police Department- Self-Titled

Ryan Pollie is the sole creative genius behind LAPD. He has released one full length and a handful of singles before signing to Anti Records. This latest release, the first released on Anti, dips heavily into elements of psychedelic indie-pop with some surf pop vibes. Occasionally, like on track 3 and 4, he even crafts […]

Jay Pray – “Jay Pray”

Jay pray is the solo project for artist Justin Romanos. This LP is his debut self-titled release. The album features lush synth layered songs with shimmery guitar licks, making for a dreamy, positive sounding album. The songs on this album could make a good soundtrack to a summer road-trip through California. Label: Think Thought Records […]

Thigh Master – “Early Times”

Since forming in 2012, “Early Times” is the long-awaited debut full-length from Brisbane Australia’s Thigh Master. This LP features some previously released singles as well as tracks written primarily between 2013 and 2014. The album includes heavy lo-fi guitar with angsty vocals and lyrics. The combination makes for a pretty solid garage rock album with […]