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ZIA/Del Sol String Quartet/(Sono Luminus)

This CD is presented with an adventurous spirit and global pulse. The compositions reference ancient and traditional folk music sources and cultures from Peru, Turkey, Spain, Iran and Uzbekistan to create new music for this genre.    

American Anthem/Ying Quartet/(Sono Luminus)

This CD features the work of two American composers — Samuel Barber and Howard Hanson. By the age of 7, both of these men showed their musical and compositional abilities. The third movement of the Barber has not been performed for almost 70 years. The Hanson string quartet contains both searching, romantic melody and rugged, […]

An Exaltation of Larks/The Lark Quartet/Higdon(Bridge)

This CD is dedicated to the performance and promotion of American composer Jennifer Higdon. Contemporary in nature, these compositions address very particular themes — an exaltation of larks, a poet’s dreams, and a meditation of light — evocative and atmospheric.

Emerson Quartet/Journeys/Sony Classical

These two sextets were composed within the same decade, however, that is where the similarity ends. From the liner notes,”…to listen to them in succession is to participate in a journey from tonality…to atonality, from the 19th century to the 20th century, from Romantic expressionism to Expressionism.  

Rachel Talitman/Joseph Lauber/Harp& Co.

Swiss composer Joseph Lauber began his musical studies at an early age. This CD covers his harp compositions. “They combine the harmonies and textures of the French Impressionists, with the formal structure of the German Romantics — with the influence of a dose of Swiss color.”

Mozart/Anne-Marie McDermott & The Calder Quartet (Bridge)

These concertos demonstrate the concept of the concerto as drama. Composed in the 1780’s, k414, was referred to (by a critic) as “one of the most Mozartian of Mozart’s works.”

A Tribute to Haydn, Daria Gloukhova (Centaur)

These selections are celebrative, harmonic and melodic. Gloukhova relies on her own feelings regarding tempo and interpretations. These pieces are performed beautifully and the artist claims, “Haydn’s music puts you in a celebrative mood no matter how gloomy you are.”

Iberia/Isaac Albeniz/Paul Vernon, piano (Centaur)

Spanish composer Albeniz had an enormous influence on many of his contemporaries. “Drawing from popular sources and locales, representing in large part a Flamenco universe, this is music that celebrates the spectacle and the sorrow of Andalusian folklore.

Wendy Warner/Haydn & Myslivecek (Cedille)

Performed by one of the world’s leading cellists, these selections showcase many of the lesser known and unique compositions of these two composers.

Brahms/Piano Pieces/Michael Volchok (Centaur)

This series of 20 piano pieces was composed by Brahms in the 1890’s. Volchok is a recognized musician and composer. These selections range from the melodic and lyrical to the more animated and intense.

Yves Ramette Cascading into Reverie

This two CD set features works for piano performed by Eric Himy and works for orchestra performed by the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra. The piano selections are moody, atmospheric and somewhat untraditional. The same could be said for the Third Symphony in particular. Ramette believed, “…that music is meant […]

Mark Morton, Bottesini’s Greatest Hits

Giovanni Bottesini is considered one of the most pivotal figures in the development of both technique and literature for the double bass. From the liner notes: “Known as the Paganini of the Double Bass,” Bottesini’s facility on the double bass is more than apparent through his compositions and ….reviews.” The same could be said of […]

Quartetto di Cremona, Beethoven Complete String Quartets

Bravo! This is a delightful CD  that includes a selection from Beethoven’s early, middle and late periods. The first, String Quartet in B flat major, was composed during the period before the composer’s thirtieth birthday. At the time he was struggling with his deafness and his isolation from society. As you listen to each of […]

The Aulos Ensemble – The Telemann Album

Telemann was the most famous musician in Germany in the first half of the 18th century. He was an exceptional talent as both a performer and composer and these selections offer a sampling of his various styles. The two Musique de Table selections are a showcase for the flute and violin. The E-minor trio is […]

Euclid Quartet – Bartok String Quartets Nos. 1, 3 & 5

The Euclid Quartet is known for their performances filled with personality, on point interpretations and dynamic playing. This recording is no exception. These three selections offer a comprehensive view of this legendary composer. Each movement is distinctive — preview and then select based on mood and tempo.

Cecilia String Quartet, Amoroso

Amoroso means love and these selections are expressions of the sentiment – all composed between 1905 – 1925. They range from tales of passion and jealousy to joy, mystery and humor. Inspired by biographical and autobiographical experiences, these compositions are effective musical interpretations of love. The liner are notes are very helpful for providing specific […]

Widor Piano Trios, Trio Parnassus

Charles-Marie Widor was a great organist and influential teacher who had a long, richly creative life. His compositions draw on the ideas of Liszt and others of the era, yet are distinguished  “from run-of-the-mill salon music by virtue of technical delicacy and fine nuances in tone.” Lyrical, melodic and harmonious!

Beethoven – Triple Concerto, Op. 56, Claremont Trio

Outstanding performance of this genre — the trio for piano, violin and cello — that was so close to the composer’s heart. Performed here by the Claremont Trio, recognized as one of the premier trios of the new generation. Play All.  

de Lhoyer Guitar Duos, Vol. 1, Heinrich-Albert-Duo

These are elegant, harmonious, melodic compositions performed by guitar virtuosos, Jan Erler and Joachim Schrader. They seek to perform lesser known works of recognized composers that may not have had the attention they deserve. Give them their due and play all!

Emanuel Ax – Variations

Excellent performances of variations composed by Beethoven, Haydn and Schumann. Each of these are particularly challenging pieces and they are performed brilliantly by Emanuel Ax.

Martinu Complete Piano Trios, Arbor Piano Trio

Czech composer, Bohuslav Martinu composed these pieces over a twenty-year time span. Trio No. 1 was composed in Paris in 1930 and has a contemporary tone. Trios Nos.2 and 3 were composed in the US in 1951 and are more rhythmic and unpredictable. These pieces are an interesting bridge between the classics of the 19th […]

Beethoven – The Violin Sonatas, B. Govatos and M. Barone

Exceptional performances of the complete Beethoven Violin Sonatas by two well-respected musicians. Detailed liner notes provide context and background for each of these compositions. Play All.