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Arlie – Wait

Arlie’s “Wait” has a very happy alt-rock feel to it that you can sway or dance to. Definitely sounds like a band you’d hear off campus at someone’s backyard party. Hints of pop and indie flow throughout the album with a touch of Beatles/Beach Boys as well. Definitely have a listen to this up and […]

Peace to Mateo – “Some Strange Reason

Very electronic and dreamy, but the album seems to lack a sense of direction. The DJ and producer clearly is talented but it feels a bit mainstream and oversampled. That being said, Peace to Mateo has all the ingredients to be a great DJ. It doesn’t need all of the fluff he tried to add to […]

Eric Bachmann – “No Recover”

  Eric Bachmann’s No Recover details an old-spirited musician is not confined to just his acoustic guitar. His riffs are almost touching and his singing voice is the passion in the driver’s seat of his fifth album. A lot of folky, orchestral notes. Although he is an incredibly gifted acoustic guitar player, he seems to […]

The Mommyheads – “Soundtrack To The World’s End”

The Mommyheads deliver a fascinatingly produced sixth album that nods to a lot of 90’s rock artists. Their melodies echo that of Eddie Vedder’s. What is most interesting is lead singer Adam Elk’s experimental spirit that shines past the overused theme and sound of grunge music. Soundtrack To The World’s End is not a desperate […]

Mothers – “Render Another Ugly Method”

  Alternative/Indie rock with a hint of psychedelic rock. Has some folky moments on the album too. Nice female lead vocals. Very similar sound to Angel Olsen and that type of modern rock I keep seeing pop up over and over again. FCC: clean Try: 2, 4, Similar Artists: Angel Olsen, Japanese Breakfast Release date: […]

Iron & Wine – “Weed Garden”EP

  Really nice folky, calm, happy instrumental EP. The main singer has a very soothing indie folk sound. He uses a wide range of instruments which really adds to the collective sound of the EP. Highly recommend if you are looking for some nice driving tunes or background music for homework, etc. Similar vocals and […]

The Frights-“Hypochondriac”

  Has a very early 2000’s rock feel to it. Think Blink-182 meets Sublime meets Weezer. Definitely has a good range in tempo, some of the songs feel very high energy, garage band esq that you can head bang to. Others feel a bit beachy and a little Indie. Overall a pretty good album if […]

UNI IKA AI-“Keeping A Golden Bullseye In the Corner of My Mind” [Zen Squid Records]

UNI IKA AI has a great female lead singer with a very interesting sound. This slightly electronic, psychedelic rock band has a wide range of songs on this album. I really enjoyed the soft vocals with the instrumental work combined with the sound mixing. Recommended songs (FCC clean):  #1 In This Life, #5 Make You […]

Christopher Paul Stelling-“Itinerant Arias” [ANTI]

Christopher Paul Stelling’s “Itinerant Arias” has a nice folky, acoustic, instrumental, sound to it. Great finger-picking guitar work. He has a very powerful voice with a strong  southern soulful sound. He kind of reminds me of an American sounding Mumford and Sons solo artists. Perfect album for anyone looking for a kind of modern country album to […]

Hajk-“Hajk” [Distiller Pomo]

Very nice sounding indie/pop music from Hajk. This Norwegian band has a very subtle indie and psychedelic rock feel to them. The female lead vocals remind me a lot of Feist or Maggie Rogers, very light and airy, the male vocals are very smooth, good range. I really enjoyed this album and recommend it for […]

Aye Nako-“Silver Haze” [Don Giovanni Records]

This Brooklyn-based ‘queer-punk’ band had a very garage band sound to them with some good instrumental work. Personally, I was underwhelmed with the vocals. I found the leads to be particularly flat and not very intriguing. The grunge guitar work and drums on the other hand were very well done. Very punky, a little raw. […]