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Basement – “Promise Everything” [Fueled By Ramen]

English band Basement blends the styles of noise rock and punk in a fashion that may sound familiar upon first listen, but with further inspection, stands out upon a plethora of other bands trying similar things. This is due to the diversity in their sound, which on this record ranges from grunge rock, to alternative, […]

Blume Hinges – “We Float” [Diversion Records]

On this short EP, the mastermind behind Blume Hinges, Aaron Egeland debuts his ability to diversify his sound as an artist, with each song on the project sounding different from any before it. He shifts between an almost emo punk sound to soft acoustic in the blink of an eye, with only his distinct vocal […]

Hoops – “Routines” [Fat Possum Records]

The members of Hoops are what one might call a talented bunch of fellows, each with enough musicality to front their own band and yet they have all managed to combined their musical talents together into one project without any member overshadowing another. Three of the members sing on their debut album, giving the record […]

Diet Cig – “Swear I’m Good At This”

Diet Cig are hard to classify as a pop punk band, yet they manage to take the best of both genres and fuse them into a sound that makes for a short and sweet – yet no less fun – record.¬†And fun is just how this record is best described; it is not genre pushing, […]

Spoon – “Hot Thoughts”

Sometimes, when a band has been around for over 20 years, their sound can get stale and in trying to keep their music relevant in the modern music scene, a band can cause their downfall to be even more swift. This is not the case however for long time indie rockers Spoon. They are one […]

Xiu Xiu – “Forget”

“Forget” acts as a summary piece of Xiu Xiu’s work up to this point, and allows new listeners to understand the band’s sound, without having to dig deep into their extensive catalog of work. Their trademark experimental art pop sound and tight production is accented by Jamie Stewart’s powerful vocal performances, and allows the band […]