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Hooray for Earth- Racy

Hooray for Earth is a gritty band mixing airy vocals with distorted guitars and powerful synth. Hailing from New York City, they formed in the mid-2000s and were officially signed in 2008 after release of their EP, Cellophane. Their newest album, Racy is their second full-length album. Hooray for Earth is reminiscent of 80s dance […]

La Roux- Trouble in Paradise

We have all heard La Roux from her hit Bulletproof and now she is back with her new album, Trouble in Paradise. Still sticking with her pop, electronic dance style, the vibe of her new album is much like her 2009 self-titled album that became such a hit. However, whereas her first album was so […]

Tinnarose- Tinnarose

Tinnarose captures a mix of late 60’s music, 70’s, and cute indie folk. Their self-titled album is their first as a band. Singer-songwriter, Seth Sherman, artist of 2012 album When the Moment is True gathered fellow Austin artists and thus Tinnarose was born. One of the best characteristics of Tinnarose is the blending of male […]

THE REBEL SET // How to Make a Monster

  Frontman Joe Zimmerman was highly influenced by the lo-fi garage rock craze of the 1990’s and decided to put together a band that would encompass the sounds he had grown up with. The influence is shown and How to Make a Monster is a vintage throwback that feels like a soundtrack to a trip to […]

POW! // High Tech Boom

    Pow!’s first album, High Tech Boom is a messy, heavy, turbulent collection of tracks that is perfectly defined by the genre of garage rock. This band originating from San Francisco is inspired by post-punk revival and has a very lo-fi underground feel. Most noticeable is their heavy use of synth to create a static, […]

TOY // Join the Dots

     Join the Dots is the second album from this psychedelic London quintet, an ambient, ethereal experience meant to calm and hypnotize. The album begins with a 7-minute gradual introduction called “Conductor.” Beginning slow and quiet, it slowly slips the listener into the rest of the album, where the band experiments with effects and […]