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Violents and Monica Martin- Awake and Pretty Much Sober (Partisan Records LLC)

Soft electronic with some hints of dream-pop. Really pretty, airy vocals. That’s about it. RIYL: The XX, Phox, Phantogram, Warpaint, Depression Cherry- era Beach House Play: 1, 3, 7 FCC: clean

BNQT- Volume 1 (Dualtone)

New “indie super group” featuring members of Midlake, Band of Horses, Franz Ferdinand, and a couple other bands. Soft indie rock, at some times experimental, at others very predictable, but pretty vocals and interesting lyrics with an abnormal amount of alliteration. Definitely worth a listen. (I thought 9 was a stand-out track. Can’t play it on […]

The Courtneys- The Courtneys II (Flying Nun Records)

Cool up-and-coming girl band. This album is all about light and airy indie-pop with sweet, echo-y vocals. The lyrics have a bit of a teen-angsty vibe but still fun to listen to. There’s also a little bit of that fuzzy garage rock sound that keeps you coming back for more. Really good! RIYL: Hinds, Best […]