Various Artists- Weedian 420

Various Artists/Weedian- 420
Release date: 2023Apr20
Label: Heavy Psych Sounds
Rating: 4/5

Released on 4/20, this is a compilation of thirteen excellent tracks. Baby Goat Sick from Dopefight drips with sludge. Hippie Stick from Bongzilla is lush with bluesy riffs. Can’t wait to get in-depth with the new album soon! 9 Joint Spiritual Whip from Iron Monkey is the reason why I fell in love with stoner music in the first place. Plodding, sinister as fuck and an all-around classic from 1998. Left Hand Pass by Bong Wizard plods with soft vocals and great bass work. Soma by Bog Monkey opens with a spacey desert feel, morphing into frantic drums and wailing bass. It lives up to the hype.Belly Lint by Dope Skum can be described as bleak and yet, kind of melodic. The only thing that frustrates me is difficulty in finding lyrics for each track. Definitely worth a spin if you’re looking for a great mix of new/old stoner and doom metal.

FCC: Listen for profanity; 5 appears to be an instrumental.
Try: 1,2,4,5,6,9,12,13

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