ST​Ö​NER – Boogie To Baja

ST​Ö​NERBoogie To Baja
Release date: 2023Feb24
Rating: 5/5

This is an EP of tracks that didn’t make it onto their latest album, totally…. STÖNER Theme (Baja Version) is self-explanatory with epic, spacey riffs from the godfather of desert rock, Mario Lalli (Fatso Jetson). City Kids on the other hand is a badass, near-faithful cover of the Motorhead track with Greg Hetson (Bad Religion) on guitar. Night Tripper vs No-Brainer has a killer groove through it. It Ain’t Free is a straight up frenzy of frantic desert-tinged punk rock. Fucking love it! Definitely going to Boogie to Baja after I smoke this bowl of ice cream candy. I’m so glad that I found this EP because I loved their last release and I’ll definitely love their future releases.

FCC: None
Try: ALL

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