Lemon Pitch – Threat of Weather

Label: Repeating Cloud
RIYL: Molly Martin, Social Cinema, Locket
FCC: Clean
Focus: 2, 5, 7

This album is jam-packed with songs perfect for doing homework outside on a sunny day, going for a jog, or taking a nice drive. Speed changes keep the songs interesting and unpredictable in a great way. Variety within and between songs makes each song sound expressive and full of emotion. Changes in terms of vocals is accompanied with an entirely new feeling from song to song. These characteristics make listeners feel as though each new song is like meeting the band for the first time again. Despite the songs being on the shorter side, this keeps the album moving along and for the interest of listeners to be piqued. The story-like lyrics are entertaining for every song. With every listen, the audience can hear something new in terms of lyrics, rhythm, vocals, and melody. Nearly all the songs on this album leave listeners’ feet tapping and heads bopping. This is the perfect album to put you in a good mood!

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