Isaac Watters – Extended Play 001 (EP)

This EP has almost a soft rock feel to it while still containing a collection of somber lyrics. Bass, low guitar, and percussion lines define this EP. Despite some songs having lyrics on the more somber side, the EP never lags, or brings your mood down. The slowness of some songs is reinforced with drum lines and smooth guitar in the background. Each song on the EP, especially “Sadness”, has notes of mystery between each note, leaving listeners intrigued. Each song has a different feel to it. “Child in the Rain” has sounds of violin and female backing vocals that pique the interest of listeners. Watters combines themes like nature and emotion to put together an EP that has both excellent instrumentals and heartfelt and smooth vocals.

Label: hi-res

RIYL: Hozier

FCC: Clean

“Sadness” is my current favorite!

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