Sunroom – Outta Their Minds

This EP starts out with a bang – the opener is incredibly upbeat without sounding too pop-like. “Cadillac” sets the tone as fast-paced and peppy with an indie rock feel to it. Despite this opening song being on the shorter side, it still packs a punch and is an excellent segue into the rest of the EP. This EP continues with more content that makes you want to tap your foot and bop your head. Peppy drum lines and joyful guitar samples define this EP. With short intros and minimal outros, this EP gets right to the point. One might say that each song on this EP sounds similar to each other, but each song differs in subject matter, instrumentals, and overall feel. From beginning to end, “Outta Their Minds” screams lively, spirited, and positive. This is the perfect EP to play on the way to the beach, the mountain, or to get your friends on their feet. 

“Sunset Garage” is a standout! 

Label: Sunroom, WATER

RIYL: The Backseat Lovers, The 1975

FCC: Clean

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