Daikaiju – Phase 3 (self-released)

If you’re not familiar with Daikaiju, they’re an Austin-based surf band who make music about classic movie monsters. A little surf n’ turf, if you will. And they just released a new album.

Their style of surf is very classic but retains B-movie monster overtones. The opening track of the album, “Awakening the Gateway” would be amazing sampled for a show intro, for instance. The album overall lacks some of the earlier more monster-heavy overtones but is still musically solid, with tightly synced guitars and a driving beat. Would make good pieces to wake a set up and transition to high bpms. Track 9, “Kaiju Surf Team Rescue” straight-up sounds like Dick Dale, complete with ripping drum solo to kick it off. Track 10, “Red Tsunami”, feels like it should play over the credits of the next Tarantino vampire movie.


Play: 1, 3, 6, 9, 10

FCC: all instrumental, so you’re good to go, although the title of Track 6 is “Cock Lobster”, so just make sure you don’t say the full title on air. Improvise!

GMR: no

RIYL: Link Wray, Quentin Tarantino movies, Mothra vs Godzilla, John Carpenter soundtracks

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