Brunch – Computer Virus [Single] – Brunch Records

FCC Warning!!! Explicit!

Emerging as a frontrunner in the Burlington punk scene, Brunch teases their upcoming album with this powerhouse…

A sensational fusion of funky disco and hardcore punk, “Computer Virus” explores the glitchy, disconcerting overlap between man and machine – and does so in compelling fashion. The track opens with a simple drum beat followed by an iconic bass riff, the two locking in with each other to produce the danceable (and mosh-able) groove that makes this song a crowd favorite. Then come the guitars, bouncing off one another, adding tension and depth to this expanse of sound. Intense vocals give the song enormous energy, and computer-themed, space-age synths are a small touch that add a ton of character. Production quality is top-notch; expect the same from the rest of the album. “Parasocial” releases March 9th on all streaming platforms.

Ayden Flanigan – drums

Mason Kosman – bass

Cam Mincar – guitar

Phil Bern – guitar, vocals

Alden Nichols – synths

Cover Art – Cam Mincar

Recorded by Urian Hackney at The Box

Mixed and Mastered by Ayden Flanigan & Christian Lindberg at New England Poets Society Studios

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