Elder- Innate Passage

Elder- Innate Passage
Release date: 2022Nov25
Label: self-released
Rating: 5/5

Over the past decade and a half, Elder have put out release after release of captivating music. It took me a few years to catch on and I’m excited about this new effort. Catastasis is a lush soundscape of lifting harmonies with breathtaking cuts at a steady pace. Endless Return is flush with melody and somehow, it tugs at the heartstrings. Coalescence is full of dramatic piano that cuts into the crunchiness. Merged in Dreams- Ne Plus Ultra is a lesson in patience, building up slowly over the first three minutes, exploding into a festival of furious riffs and frantic drums. It trends toward the sky six minutes in before a lush finale. The Purpose closes off this mind-blowing effort with melancholic guitar. I haven’t heard anything this amazing in so long. You should too.

FCC: None

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