Fulanno/The Crooked Whispers- Last Call From Hell EP

Fulanno/The Crooked WhispersLast Call From Hell
Release date: 2022Nov01
Label: Helter Skelter Productions/Regain Records
Rating: 4/5

Split EP from Argentina’s Fulanno and The Crooked Whispers. Erotic Pleasures in the Catacombs (Fulanno) starts with an epic desert crawl for the first two minutes and draws you in with epic, unforgiving riffage. Fucking love it!. Cycle of Death is similar but just not as good. Bloody Revenge (The Crooked Whispers) drips with blackened sludge hooks and a sinister feel. Dig Your Own Grave is much more appealing with its’ bleak riffs over a bleaker landscape. I really dig Fulanno and suggest releases such as this if you’re interested too.

FCC: Could not find online;
Try: 1 and 4
RIYL: Stoner doom; sludge;

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