Pianos Become the Teeth – Drift

Release Date: August 26, 2022

Label: Epitaph

Pianos Become the Teeth continue to drift in the direction of art/indie rock and away from their screamo/post-hardcore roots with their most recent release. Genevieve is driven by an anxious momentum, propelling the lean compositions through frantic emotional beats that feel fresh and unique. The bass work on this track is prominent while the guitars are watery and rippling. Skiv is a compelling and subtle ballad that stands out on the record. This record channels 90s Radiohead in places, but the undercurrent of post-hardcore still flows beneath the surface. If you’re waiting for explosions of emotion and loudness, you’ll leave disappointed. Case in point – in the final sonic explosion that takes over Buckley, the loudness isn’t where the desperation comes alive. Rather, it’s in the nuance and the quieter moments that make up the shattered, rotten heart of this record. 

Not a GMR artist!

Listen to 2, 7, & 9

FCC: None

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