Joyce Manor – 40 oz. to Fresno

Release Date: June 10, 2022

Label: Epitaph

From the label:

It’s strangely fitting that the title was taken from an auto-corrected text message about Sublime. Those types of happy accidents are all over 40 oz. To Fresno and are worth the subsequent sonic hangover.

Vocalist Barry Johnson summarizes, “This album makes me think of our early tours, drinking a 40 in the van on a night drive blasting Guided By Voices and smoking cigarettes the whole way to Fresno.”

Since forming in 2008, the pop-punk group has proved time and time again that they capture listeners’ attention through their catchy yet thought provoking lyrics, and high energy shows. Although they have an established sound that reflects the energetic and gritty nature of the band which fans have come to expect, they push the limits by experimenting throughout the recording process.

Check out the majestically chugging cover of OMD’s 1981 new wave hit Souvenir, featuring a high-pitched guitar part doubled by keyboard soaring above the clamor. Don’t Try is an outburst of pop-punk that features one of their catchiest choruses ever. Gotta Let it Go pairs sentimental lyrics with an aggressive bridge. The track emphasizes the “punk” in pop-punk and is the perfect re-introduction to the band. The aggressive tones on Did You Ever Know props the record up in a powerful way.

Not a GMR artist!

FCC: 6 & 7 (I have a clean version of 6 for anyone interested)

Listen to: 1, 5, 6 & 8

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