Ghost- Impera

Release date: 2022March11
Label: Concord/Loma Vista
Rating: 4/5

Ghost return with their long-awaited (at least by me) follow up to Prequelle. The track Imperium opens things on a soft note. Kaisarion moves with a punk-like feel in spots. Lyrics of Call Me Little Sunshine beckon one to embrace the morning star. Hunter’s Moon conveys the thoughts of a sinister being. I’ve noticed that there isn’t much variation between the first few tracks. Watcher In the Sky breaks that monotony with a mix of 80s pop and traditional hooks. The riffs on Twenties are fucking brilliant. Darkness at the Heart of my Love touches my soul with sorrowful vocals, almost like a 60s pop song. This album is really two halves of the same coin, with the first half focusing more on their mainstream tilt and the second half more of a love letter to diehard fans. I just wish they weren’t so damn popular because I miss spinning them often.

FCC: Twenties

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