Thūn- II

Release date: 2022Jul01
Label: Eat Lead and Die
Rating: 4/5

Thūn is a collective featuring Jon Higgs and Hugo Wilkinson (MONSTERWORKS), James Knoerl (GARGOYL) and guest guitarist Karl Sanders (NILE). Their sound has been described as epic death metal. Where All Truths Lie delivers with a raw, sustained attack. Look to the Sea has an obvious Black Sabbath feel which I appreciate. Kiss The Ground is full of somber doom interspersed with tasty riffage and throbbing drums. Final Cut shows off the versatility of Karl Sanders, which quite honestly is imprinted in each track. I am going to go back and check out NILE. Great fucking album otherwise!

FCC: Check
Try: 1,2,3,6,7

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