STÖNER- totally…

Release date: 2022May06
Label: Heavy Psych Sounds
Rating: 5/5

I fucking love STÖNER. This is their follow up to “Stoners Rule“(June 2021). If you’re familiar with Brant Bjork (Kyuss; Fu Manchu) and/or Nick Oliveri (Kyuss; Queens of the Stone Age), you can’t miss this one. Party March thunders out the gate to get ya in the mood. Strawberry Creek (dirty feet) drips with dirty blues, set to every Saturday afternoon ever. Space Dude & The Burn is fairly nuanced, building slowly into a desert stomper. STÖNER theme would work well as the first track but also equally well as a road tune in my car. Driving Miss Lazy is an impressive dirge with an abstract opening and layers of melody. Great American Sage sounds better after you’ve had a few hits. In fact, it is mandatory that you enjoy this album with a dab hit or joint.

FCC: I could not find lyrics online. Check carefully
Try: ALL

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