The Wolf In Our Own Backyard – …Sings The Hits! [Records DK]

The Wolf In Our Own Backyard has once again made an exceptional folk album featuring a diverse variety of tunes that flow along with wonderful cohesion. The album contains excellent instrumentation, including some fantastic guitar playing, solid drums, and some delightful horns, banjo, and pedal steel guitar on certain tracks. The LP is rounded out with intriguing and compelling songwriting. In the words of the artist, “If you like songs about cults, boats, love, getting robbed, finding your neighbor dead, skinwalkers, surface level critiques on capitalism, moving on, Vietnam war era characters, keeping on and not trusting your own thoughts, you’ll probably like my new album!” I highly recommend giving this album a listen and some air time! Try: 2, 3, 7, 9, 10, 11 ALL RIYL: Cut Worms, Alex G, Big Thief, Dr. Dog FCC: None

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