Immy Owusu – Mantra [Single], Hopestreet Recordings

Immy Owusu, a multi-instrumentalist from the Australian Surf Coast, has released his first single with Melbourne label Hopestreet Recordings, Mantra. Immy’s ‘Afrodelik’ style to music, which encompasses psychedelic rock, funk, and West African roots, is captured in Mantra, a dreamlike slice of his music.

While exhibiting an atmospheric and psychedelic unique afro-funk sound, it’s clear that Owusu belongs to the same golden, radiant sound tribe with artists the likes of Khruangbin, Steve Lacy, the Ikebe Shakedown, and Leon Bridges. The single is crisp and ripe with perfect summer vibes for lounging, driving, or hitting the beach, and could most certainly make the aesthetic cut for a future season soundtrack for Netflix’s hit sunlight-drenched show Outer Banks. While Owusu’s sound in Mantra is decidedly modern, it takes hints from ska, reggae, and surf-rock of the 60’s and 70’s, providing a fresh take on classic influences from afro-funk, sunshine soul, and reggae legends.

At the time of this review’s publication Mantra boasts only 8,350 streams. However, this reviewer would be most surprised indeed if Owusu doesn’t climb the ranks in the psychedelic afro-funk community to the heights of the aforementioned artists.

FCC: Clean

Immy Owusu is not GBM affiliated. 

RIYL: Khruangbin, Steve Lacy, Ikebe Shakedown, Leon Bridges, Helado Negro

Afro rock, world, soul, psychedelic, hi-life, roots-rock, funk

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