Defrag – “GlassShip” (Single) [Hymen]

It’s difficult to judge an artist’s whole body of work off of one single, so I’m not entirely sure that Defrag’s “development as a composer has violently touched every genre” as the promo blurb insists, but this particular single touches down somewhere between goth rock and ambient, with a soupçon of vaporwave thrown in for good measure.

Don’t let the lovely electronic buzzing noise at the beginning fool you: the tempo picks up and in leaps a keyboard line that would do Jan Hammer proud, swirling up out of a pool of darker keyboard darkity dark darkness.

And that’s when it gets unfortunate: there are vocals on this song but they’re basically inaudible. I’m not sure if that’s how they were originally mixed or if something’s gone wrong in production, but I found the choice puzzling and slightly annoying. I understand that part of the song’s zeitgeist is a glass ship full of decisions, foundering in the modern multimedi– look, it just made me wonder if my hearing aids were malfunctioning. Although perhaps that’s the point.

All is not lost, however, as the song ends with more delightful buzzing noises, as if a lonely radioactive telephone’s been left off the hook.

Great for foggy daytime shows or airing in the cold dark heart of night.

FCC: Clean


RIYL: Cold Cave, Gloomcvlt, Miami Vice (seriously: “Defrag” aka Jeff, also creates music for film and television)

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