The Webstirs – The Webstirs [Presmark]

From Promoter:

Veterans of Chicago’s thriving music scene, The Webstirs’ newest album continues their streak of writing catchy, clever indie-pop earworms that blend together the best of classic and modern rock.

Formed in 1994 by childhood friends Mark Winkler and Preston Pisellini, the band has always been anchored in the strong melodies and rich harmonies of their ‘60s/‘70s influences. “We don’t follow any trends,” said Winkler, “We just write and play what we love.”

The self-titled “The Webstirs” is their sixth collaboration with longtime producer Matt Allison (Lawrence Arms/Split Single/ Alkaline Trio). Making an album during a global pandemic was not wthout challenges. Recording and mixing spanned many months and different studios. “It’s a testament to Matt’s vision and talent that everything sounds great and cohesive ,” Said Winkler.

The current band includes Doug Bobenhouse (vox/gtr), Gregg Juhlin (bass), and Jordan Kozer (drums). “Yeah, most bands self-title their debut album,” says Pisellini, “but not us. We’ve evolved our lineup and sound over the years and this is a perfect opportunity to ‘re-introduce’ the band to the world.”

Sounds like: Indie pop rock FCC: Clean

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