Nico Padden – Pirate Queen [S/R]

From Promoter:

“Nico Padden is a one-woman folk-rock riot. Her new album Pirate Queen celebrates women who step outside the lines. Ben Folds said Nico has “a big voice, gorgeous voice,” and that the title track is “original and classic at the same time.”

Pirate Queen is a mix of Americana, vintage pop/rock, and folk, recorded and mixed by Kevin Kelly at The Workshoppe East.

The studio process was a collaborative one between Nico, producer Kevin Kelly, and select musicians and vocalists. Nico called her favorite female friends/vocalists to sing on the album (Rorie Kelly, Christine Sweeney, Olivia Brownlee), wanting to highlight the power of female voices singing (and speaking up) together. The songwriting draws from personal experience, sailing, and historical accounts of real pirate queens like Grace O’Malley. Ultimately, it is an uplifting celebration of female strength. Nico hopes it is a comfort, salve, and battle cry to woman-identified people who also wish to claim their rightful crown.

Nico is a rising star in the New York alternative scene: In 2019, she was the Folk DJ’s choice at NERFA, and she has been a featured performer at the Folk Music Society of Huntington, the New York Songwriters Circle, Voices in the Heights in Brooklyn, and Rockwood Music Hall.”

Sounds like: Riot Folk / Alt-Folk FCC: Clean

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