Monthly Archives: January 2022

Heard Again for the First Time

Varied musical eras, modern to contemporary, saxophone + orchestra.

PAN Project

Combining elements of Korean, Chinese + Japanese music, all improvisations, some with voice.

Christian Wolff–3 String Quartets

String pieces with elements of Renaissance but off. Interesting!

Little Spectacle

For various voiced clarinets, abstract and varied contemporary pieces.

Global Saxophone

Nice mix of sax + piano, modern and contemporary.

Towards the Flame–Eccentric Piano Works

Not so eccentric. Modern piano works by Scriabin and Langgaard. Lyrical.

French Connections

Baroque, French harpsichord pieces of 2 Couperins and Forqueray.

The Spirit of Harmony

Excellent collection of modern harp + percussion works. Play!

Italian Contemporary Works for Harpsichord

Very interesting works for harpsichord, abstract. Play!