Monthly Archives: January 2022

John Luther Adams–Arctic Dreams

Ambient, haunting vocals & strings inspired by the Arctic tundra. Play!


Lovely works for solo harp, Romantic era to contemporary. Play!

Vintage Americana

Six American composers’ works, tonal to atonal, varied. Play most!

Woven in Time

Varied contemporary orchestral works. Interesting!

Peter Gregson–Patina

Cello/electronics/ strings–ambient, slow works.


Works by Poulenc, Bernstein, Weinberg and Prokofiev, mid-20th century pieces for clarinet and piano, some very well known.

Schnittke & Prokofiev–The Cleveland Orchestra

Comparing 2 composers’ works, both modern but one more abstract. Play!

Stephen Yip–Quietude

Fairly abstract contemporary works for winds + piano, with Korean and Western elements.

Eric Coates–Springtime Suite

From a very popular British composer of “light classical”, cosy and sweet works for sax and orchestra.

Demonio- Electric Voodoo

Demonio– Electric VoodooRelease date: 2021Dec18Label: self-releasedRating: 4/5 Demonio hail from Italy and their sound has been described as psychedelic doom. From the Grave is chock full of distorted fuzz. Acid’s Dream is sonically similar to a certain Monster Magnet track, which I enjoy. Tracks that stood out were Evil Pleasures, Ritual of the Knife and […]

Crone Visions – Devour EP

Crone Visions– DevourRelease date- 2021Dec10Label: Seeing RedRating: 4/5 Crone Visions hail from New Hampshire and their sound has been described as “doomgaze” or doom crossed with shoegaze. Wilt is the kind of track that you want to nod your head to with each drumbeat. Seven of Swords is kind of melodic, with crashing drums. Sleeping […]

Monolord- Your Time To Shine

Monolord– Your Time To ShineRelease date- 2021Oct29Label: Relapse RecordsRating: 4.5/5 This is the latest album from Monolord, who hail from Sweden. I enjoyed their prior release, No Comfort so it was only fitting to give this a spin. The Weary thunders out of the gate with a discordant soundscape. Tracks that I enjoyed were I’ll […]

Eric Biddington–Windpower

Contemporary works for saxophone, solo, trio or quartet. Nice!

Piano Protagonists–Music for Piano & Orchestra

Three different composers (Rimsky-Korsakov, Chopin & Korngold) all Romantic, but revealing their own idea of it.


All Night Boogie Band has just released their debut single and I am beyond stoked!! The new track features rippling keys, honeyed electric guitar, a dreamy horn section, and of course, signature, soul-baring vocals from the band’s incomparable vocalist, Jess Leone. These folks are extremely talented and their musicianship is evident in both their live […]

Hammerdrone – A Trinity of Rage

Release Date: December 14, 2021 Record Label: Self-released Aggressive, heavy, and hauntingly melodic in places, A Trinity of Rage incorporates a variety of black and progressive metal influences to present an EP that pushes the boundaries while also embracing the roots of old-school, melodic death metal origins. A Trinity of Rage is a concept album […]

French Yearnings

Impressionistic French works for cello + piano, Romantic to modern.

…and nothing remains the same…

Contemporary flute with strings. Play!

Milhaud & Radanovics

Released in 2006, 2 composers, one modern, one contemporary–for percussion + orchestra.

Reimagine: Beethoven & Ravel

Original solo piano works by Beethoven with various composer’s works inspired by Beethoven & Ravel.

Roots–21st Century Greek Music for Guitar

Contemporary guitar, some with voice, varied.


Duo Agora performs these varied modern/contemporary works for sax + piano. Abstract.


The Annapolis Brass Quintet performs varied pieces, from Baroque to modern, transcriptions and originals for brass quintet.

Astor Piazzolla–ESCUALO5

“Nuevo Tango” or modern tango, with bandoneon & other instruments.

The Voxman Project

Varied music for sax, winds, strings–modern, contemporary or Broadway.