Monolord- Your Time To Shine

MonolordYour Time To Shine
Release date- 2021Oct29
Label: Relapse Records
Rating: 4.5/5

This is the latest album from Monolord, who hail from Sweden. I enjoyed their prior release, No Comfort so it was only fitting to give this a spin. The Weary thunders out of the gate with a discordant soundscape. Tracks that I enjoyed were I’ll Be Damned, Your Time To Shine and The Siren of Yersinia. I really have no other way to describe their sound except that it’s melodically balanced and leans a little towards the occult sound (especially on The Weary). Well worth listening to. I’m just terrible at reviewing.

FCC: Check (remember when record distros used to list FCC-unfriendly tracks?)
Try: 3,4,5

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