Hammerdrone – A Trinity of Rage

Release Date: December 14, 2021

Record Label: Self-released

Aggressive, heavy, and hauntingly melodic in places, A Trinity of Rage incorporates a variety of black and progressive metal influences to present an EP that pushes the boundaries while also embracing the roots of old-school, melodic death metal origins. A Trinity of Rage is a concept album telling a story that revolves around the fictional second book of Revelation, in which is foretold the threat of Heaven’s destruction at the hands of Eversor, The Destroyer. The fury that powers the opening track, Rage, Corporeal, is unmistakable. It’s a slaughtering attack of explosive, high-speed drumming, seething and darting fretwork, and a tandem of bestial roars and scathing screams. Rage, Besieged opens with ta vehement lyrical recital that opens into a pummeling track that takes a deep dive into anger. Consummated closes the EP progressive death metal complete that leads with eerie guitar work while the rhythm section pummels eardrums with heavy artillery.

Listen to: All!

FCC: Clean

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