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20 for 2020 Vol. II

Commissioned works for solo cello, different composers so varied works, some with accompaniment with piano, electronics, bandoneon. Interesting!

Here With You

Classical/Romantic era works + one contemporary, for clarinet + piano. Nice!

Karlheinz Stockhausen–MANTRA

Considered a giant of the avant-garde, this is a 1970 work for piano + electronics.

David Bird–Iron Orchid

Very abstract, almost weird electronic dronings, but interesting.

Count to Five

RECAP Percussion group performs these varied, contemporary pieces, one with voice.

Frederic Chopin–Virtuoso

Romantic era solo piano pieces. Lovely!

Britten, Milhaud, Finzi, Strauss

Neo-classical works for piano + orchestra, varied.

Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari–Complete Overtures & Intermezzi

Known for his comic operas, these are comic, boisterous pieces for orchestra.

Genius Loci– Audacities and Proprieties

Abstract works for guitar with ensemble or solo. Play!

Monika Gurak–Scenes from a Life

Contemporary works for piano or vibraphone. Fun vs. delicate.

Cello Meets Harp

Transcriptions of works from different musical eras. Lovely!

Federico Albanese–Fredenwalde Teil

Gracious, minimalist, ambient solo piano.


Mostly vigorous, modern American works for violin + piano.

Danielle Eva Schwob–Out of the Tunnel

Some lovely pieces here with varied instruments, all contemporary. Play!

Father Figuer – Jack of All Fruits (Self-released) [LOCAL]

BTV trio Father Figuer’s music sounds like it could be emanating from a distant star system. Built around ostinatos and ghostly vocals, all drenched in fuzz and reverb, their slowly-burning songs build to gloriously cascading climaxes. Track Picks: 2, 3, 5 FCC: Clean RIYL: Cocteau Twins, Mazzy Star, Deerhunter, Explosions In the Sky 


Burlington-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jessica Amelia’s new 11-track album is delightfully quirky and still punk af*. It’s heartfelt, somewhat atonal DIY with unusual toy instruments and, if I’m not mistaken, actual wood-working tools, along with Amelia’s own unmistakeable voice. The songs all largely deal with issues of queerness, harassment and spaces — some safe, […]

Bill Whitely–Absent Light: In Paradisum

3 long works, ambient with vocals, nice instrumentation with vibes, electric guitar and others. Play!

Bill Banfield–Extensions of Tradition (s):

A mix of classical/jazz + spirituals–concert works. Play!

Ferenc Farkas–Chamber Music Vol. 5–Flute & Oboe

Covering decades, chamber music for various wind instruments–Nice!

Marty Regan–Lost Mountains, Quiet Valleys

Lovely pieces for Japanese instruments, cello + viola.

Infinitude…a story that never ends

Gracious, Romantic piano pieces by Russian composers. Scriabin’s 24 Preludes lovely!

A Grand Journey

Contemporary chamber pieces for piano trio (cello, violin, piano) with varied cultural elements. Play!

Sebastian Plano–Save Me Not

Ambient, electronic piano pieces with other instruments.

Echoes of Life

Alice Sara Ott performs solo piano works from different eras, different composers. Nice mix!

William Susman–Music for Moving Pictures

Piano music for documentaries, as if it were live played during the film. Nice!